Do you have to uninstall drivers before updating

A driver, short for “gadget driver”, is software program mounted right into Windows (or any operating system) that handles the operating details for utilizing a details hardware device.(Click on the term for full meaning.)

In this excerpt from Answeractors #16, I take a look at the means chauffeurs update and also why you frequently should reboot
A reboot is the procedure of shutting down all running software application on a device, including the operating system itself, and also then immediately reloading as if the machine had simply been powered on.(Click on the term for complete interpretation.)

Uninstall a driver first?

Normally, the answer is “No.” There’s no factor to many of the moment.

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When you acquire brand-new drivers for simply about anypoint, regardmuch less of wright here youobtain them from (be it from Windows Upday or as a direct downfill from themanufacturer), the installation regime for the driver must relocation the driverthat’s in location. In various other words, it must simply upgrade the driver that’scurrently tbelow without causing any type of sort of problem.


The worst instance (and it’s most likely not also that negative of a case, however it’ssomething to be aware of) is that there’s an excellent opportunity that you’ll have to rebootyour machine as part of that upgrade procedure. Drivers, and in specific videomotorists, often communicate with a mechanism at a reasonably low level. When upgrading,you’re asking the system to adjust something while it’s presently beingprovided.

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So, normally what happens is the setup regimen puts whatever in place. Itleaves some instructions, and when Windows reboots, it finalizes those lastactions of the upgrade. Once you’re rebooted, you’re running through the upgradedvehicle drivers.

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