Disk cleanup compress old files

Using the Disk Cleanup energy in Windows XP is an excellent way to clean up papers and acquire more difficult drive room. One of the alternatives is to “Compush Old Files”, yet the default setting is papers older than 50 days. This establishing deserve to be modified if you only want to compress really old papers.

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To gain to the Disk Cleanup utility, ideal click one of your hard drives in My Computer, and pick Properties.


Click on the Disk Cleanup switch.


The Disk Cleanup utility will certainly sdeserve to your hard drive to determine the amount of room to be saved. Click on “Compress old files” in the list, and you will notice the View Files switch readjust to Options. Click that.

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In this resulting window you can readjust the amount of days to wait for unaccessed papers to be compressed. Click OK and you are done.



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