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classiccomputers.info is a chat application for internet browser, desktop (via an embedded internet browser system), Android and iOS. It has actually a durable alert device which enables managing exactly how you’re alerted for all messperiods,
everyones for each individual channel on each individual server you’re connected to. It additionally lets you have various notification settings for the mobile and also desktop versions. classiccomputers.info also optionally has email notifications.

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The notification device crosses over via the muting device, which serves other purposes, such as hiding networks you’re not interested in and also hiding unreview markers.

The main documentation on notifications is located below.

This page is current as of Feb. 15, 2020; Desktop version: Stable 54611 (3fb9c49); Android version: 10.4.1 (1037)

Global notification settings

Deskpeak and Browser

To access your settings on the browser and desktop computer versions, you’ll find a gear under the Friends/Channel list, to the best of your name.

Under the App Settings section, click Notifications. There are four sections we will discuss individually.

For desktop, you will certainly watch this:



Enable Deskpeak NotificationsIf you’re in search of per-channel or per-server notifications, right-click the preferred server symbol and also pick Notification Setups.

Enable Unread Article BadgeShows a red badge on the app icon when you have unreview messages.

Enable Taskbar FlashingFlashes the application in your taskbar once you have actually brand-new notifications.

When “Enable Deskpeak Notifications” is disabled, all desktop popup notifications are prevented. These notifications use the browser/OS-level notice mechanism, reflecting a ptestimonial of the message and also who sent it. When it’s allowed, classiccomputers.info will certainly rely on the more particular notification settings to decide whether or not to sfinish a notice.

When “Enabled Unreview Message Badge” is permitted, you will watch this indicator once you have actually unreview messages:

System Icon
Windows taskbar icon
Windows tray icon
Chrome web browser tab

If you have any
mentions, a number will show up in the red circle indicating how many, approximately 9.

“Enabled Taskbar Flashing” does not show up in the browser version. In the desktop variation, it controls whether or not the taskbar symbol for classiccomputers.info flashes as soon as there’s a new message, regardless of whether or not a ptestimonial message appears via the notice mechanism. For circumstances, if you allow this yet disable “Enable Desktop Notifications”, you will never view a popup notification for a message, however the taskbar symbol will certainly still flash.

The following area, “Push Notification AFK Timeout” controls as soon as notifications are sent to your mobile tool, if you use classiccomputers.info on your mobile tool. (TODO: If you don’t, does this alternative also appear?) Tbelow is no method to disable this habits in order to constantly send push notifications to your mobile device despite utilizing classiccomputers.info on your desktop computer. You may just set it to be in between 1 and also 10 minutes (at 1 minute intervals). Nobody knows how this actually attributes (TODO: figure it out).

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“Text-to-Speech” notifications sindicate reads any type of would-be pop-up notifications to you. When this is set to “For current selected channel” it will certainly check out the channel even if its category is muted (but not if the channel itself is).

The last section, “Sounds”, allows you to select which occasions must play a sound (but, what sound that is can’t be changed.) All of these, except for Message are regarded voice chatting. Keep in mind that PTT is Push-To-Talk.

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Windows 10 notifications for desktop computer classiccomputers.info

While you can disable desktop computer notifications around the world within classiccomputers.info (and also the establishing is also saved independently from the internet browser settings) you have the right to additionally disable them at the Windows notification device level. This is most likely never before actually advantageous to execute however if you ever before have to undo it this knowledge would be. Additionally, there are settings you deserve to fine-tune here which can be valuable.

The major means to disable the notifications is to wait to obtain one from classiccomputers.info. Then, in the action facility (switch in the lower-best, close to your date and time), right-click the message and also choose “Turn off notifications for classiccomputers.info”


In order to re-allow notifications later on (or disable them in an extra complex way), in the search bar, search for notifications and pick “Turn app notifications on or off”

Under “Get notifications from these senders” (sorted alphabetically) tbelow sould be an enattempt for classiccomputers.info which you can toggle.
If you click the enattempt (not the toggle bar), you’ll end up at a display screen for more in-depth control of these settings, checked out below.


NotificationsToggler On/Off

Due to the sensitive nature of interaction, we extremely recommend permitting “Keep notifications personal on the lock screen” if your notifications are enabled at this level.

“Sexactly how notification banners” refers to the pop-up itself. And if you have actually “Message” in the “Sounds” section disabled however are still hearing sounds, you have the right to disable “Play a sound when an alert arrives”

The activity center is the food selection accessed from the button in the lower right of your display, next to the date & time.


To accessibility your settings in the mobile variation, initially tap the 3 lines icon in the upper-left, and also you’ll uncover a equipment under the Friends/Channel list, to the ideal of your name.

Under the App Settings section, tap Notifications.

For Android, you will certainly check out this:


System notificationsGet notifications external of classiccomputers.info.

In-application notificationsGet notifications within classiccomputers.info.

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Tweak notification settingsAdvanced notice settings are controlled by the system.

TODO: descriptions

Tapping “Tweak notice settings” takes you to the Android notifications settings for the classiccomputers.info app. You can also acquire right here by long pushing the symbol on your residence display or app list and tapping App info then tapping Notifications. Here’s what it looks like in Android 10:


Sexactly how notifications