Discord attenuation not turning off

First of all, I"m not precisely certain what it is. But I"ve currently tested that these well-known options haven"t worked:

Running various other specific browsers instead

It only happens as soon as I have more than one window/tab open via sound (yet it doesn"t always happen). E.g. Spotify and also something else that it thinks have sound (games, certain websites or videos etc.). It lowers the volume of other applications until I cshed the window/tab. However, the worths in the volume mixer do not seem to readjust.

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Is there a setup to rerelocate this feature? And what is it anyway?

I"m sorry if there"s a duplicate, by the means. I supposed this question to be asked by many already however I haven"t been able to discover this certain thing.

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I ultimately stumbled upon the core of the worry. The regime affecting it was "Dolby Digital Plus State-of-the-art Audio". To turn some of it off, I might uncover it in the Control Panel and also revolve off an impact referred to as "Volume Leveler". But to entirely rerelocate it I later on found out that I had to disable Dolby from affecting the playago device:

Sound -> 'Properties' on playearlier tool -> 'Dolby' tab -> Turn off">

Thanks BramMooij for your beneficial suggestions.

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Try what is in the link, that can resolve your issue if Windows mistakenly assesses which apps usage communication.

This explains the very same procedure, but in the attach you will certainly uncover images also. Go to:Control panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound. From tbelow, go to the interactions tab. Tbelow you will find the settings: "When Windows detects communication activity". The following choices are available:

Mute all various other soundsReduce the volume of various other sounds by 80%Reduce the volume of various other sounds by 30%Do Nothing

Select carry out nopoint to perhaps settle your trouble.


Sorry if I"m discussing other stuff that you already tried, but I cannot work-related out what precisely you did from your write-up (although I should have spotted that you had actually already tried my above answer). Here are some other options:

Some civilization have actually reported that this problem deserve to be fixed by disabling front panel jack detection. Other world reported that reinstalling their keyboard, with the correct vehicle drivers, fixed their concern. Some people had actually their computer mouse (particularly logitech) resulting in this concern. Even someone had actually a faulty RAM module causing this problem.

Judging from the randomness of the remedies, I would certainly open up the tool manager and inspect if any type of gadgets are not effectively installed (determined by exclamation marks in a yellow triangle). If this is not the situation, I would try a various computer mouse and a various keyboard (first try one, then the other).

Source: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-pictures/my-volume-slider-under-windows-7-keeps-going-down/2769853f-e412-4c4d-8b55-6885588a528f