Digital id name cannot be found

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When utilizing FastSmartcard and also attempting to decrypt an e-mail encrypted utilizing AES256 encryption in Outlook you are presented with the complying with error:

"Sorry were having trouble opening this item. This can be short-lived, yet if you check out it aget you could want to restart Outlook. Your digital ID name cannot be found by the underlying defense system"

When opening a 3DES encrypted email you carry out not check out this error.If you carry out not usage Rapid Smartcard you do not see this error

The just workabout available currentlyis to either not use Fastsmartcard:by not including the param to the default.ica to permit this feature) - this will introduce a hold-up once decrypting messagesorUse the complying with workaroundto force the sender to encrypt Mail utilizing 3DES.


DWORD = UseAlternateDefaultEncryptionAlg


String = DefaultEncryptionAlgOID

Problem Cause

Limitation in Fast Smartcard - Quick SmartCard does not CNG Rapid Smart Card documentation


Further Resources


Caution! Using Regisattempt Editor incorrectly can cause serious troubles that can require you to reinstall your operating device. cannot guarantee that troubles resulting from the incorrect usage of Regisattempt Editor deserve to be addressed. Use Regisattempt Editor at your very own threat. Be sure to ago up the registry before you edit it.
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