Digital audio hdmi not plugged in windows 8.1

Let me begin off by saying I"m running Windows 8.1 on a rather new Asus Q550LF lappeak. I have:

Intel HD 4400 incorporated graphics

Nvidia GeForce 745M graphics card

Intel i7 4500 processor

If you"re wondering, all of my vehicle drivers can be uncovered here:

I"ve freshly been trying to connect an HD TV to my lapheight through HDMI. Although I obtain video perfectly, I cannot gain sound out of the TV. Under playback tools, it claims that the HDMI is not plugged in (although it clearly is).

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I"ve tried plugging it in prior to rebeginning, I"ve tried uninstalling all audio motorists from Device Manager, I"ve tried reinstalling my Realtek HD Audio driver....I am also sure it"s not the TV or the HDMI cable because they both occupational via another lappeak.

Also, this is what my tool manager currently looks like:


Any and also all aid is considerably appreciated!

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Replied on February 22, 2015
In reply to curty24's article on February 22, 2015

So just to let you know, I solved the problem!

At initially, I tried reinstalling home windows, however not even that fixed it.

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So when I saw the Asus website to download/reinstall all my motorists I did that for my wifi, nvidia graphics card, and so on.

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However before, I mounted Intel Update Driver Utility (as said by someone over I believe):

And I noticed that it uncovered my wifi and bluetooth drivers, however not my Intel Graphics Card driver... It shelp that I had actually the generic driver, not for my COMPUTER (despite that in the taskbar I had the blue intel driver symbol to display I had the driver).

So I went back to the Asus website, redownfill my graphics card driver:

"VGA_Intel_Win81_64_VER101810334502" (for my particular model laptop)

and after an installation and also a reboot, it was working!!

My HDMI in playago devices was labeled "Intel Display Audio" rather "HDMI device not plugged in"!

It really didn"t assist me as soon as human being would certainly reply arguing the very same points over and also over also though I tried them and also they did not job-related... I know just how frustrated you"re feeling :P