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I"m trying to change the sample price from 41000 to 48000. I had the ability to view the rate in Success (10) for my Focusrite 2i2and also adjust it to 48000, yet as soon as I attempt yo readjust the rate is, I get: Cannot readjust bereason apps are playing audio: -audiodg.exe.Tright here is nopoint playing, no inputs, no streaming from internet, nopoint playing in found audiodg.exe in Windown/System 32, tried to stop it, but it won"t sheight.Now what. I want to adjust this because I am recording audio input from chords on a synth, and they sound a small lazy going via the 2i2.sound much better playing synth through monitors, when I plug into the Focusrite interchallenge to record, the sounds loses high quality.Any aid appreciated. LZ
bumping your sample price up to 48 kHz will certainly not make much audible difference to the sound top quality.if the difference is that evident, then the reason is most likely to be in other places.exactly how are you connecting your synth to the 2i2? what sort of cables are you using, what type of outputs does the synth have? what settings are you making use of on the 2i2?

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I concur 48K shouldn"t make any genuine odds unless you are timeextending or somepoint.Having sassist that we had actually an problem a while earlier via sample rate on Scarletts on Windows makers - turned out you required to go into the home windows audio, reset from tright here, then it would reset everyting else, quite than going in with It"s a Windows point we think not a Focusrite or point. Reestablishing sample rate via the Scarlett mix software program or home windows audio can deal with it. audiodg.exe is basically the home windows audio engine. This suggests another point to inspect is are you on ASIO drivers quite than any kind of type of home windows driver. If you aren"t, switch to them - ASIO primarily works much better for audio equipment than home windows indigenous stuff anymeans, and also it might also deal with the trouble.

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Cables are good top quality. When I am all set to document an audio track, I take the cables out of the mixer, and plug in directly from the synth into the Focusrite. So there have to be no cable loss or various other loss tbelow.Yes, I am utilizing the AISO driver, it"s the only one that will job-related, the MME sounds choose cat through a tin deserve to on it"s head.I did collection the WIN10 audio driver settings to 48000, yet that did not change, it will certainly not change???I"m still stumped.
Thanks for the ideas, I will save hacking on the computer audiodg file.Synth is a Yamaha MX, output are not well balanced cables.It sounds good thru the mixer intro the monitors, however when I plug into the Focusrite and record, it loses the quality.