Device manager windows 7 blank

You might enrespond to a blank Device Manager as soon as you’re going to upday a certain hardware gadget driver through this Windows tool. It feels stselection at the initially sight of the empty Device Manager in the Computer Management. At such a case, the Device Manager doesn’t present anything and a PC rebegin won’t help out. It seems you’ve opened up a fake Device Manager on your Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP, and so on lapoptimal or desktop computer.

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The Device Manager is a Windows Control Panel applet that permits you to consult or make driver alters to the hardware tools attached to the COMPUTER. If the Device Manager shows nopoint, you won’t be able to inspect the netoccupational, screen, audio and also other tools and install the latest device motorists. Therefore some driver difficulties like unfigured out network trouble, Bluetooth not functioning, no computer mouse pointer, and so on.


Today, let’s have a cshed look at exactly how to fix the “Device Manager not showing anything” worry on your Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP computer.

Top 3 Ways to Troubleshoot the Blank Device Manager Problem on Windows OS

In this Windows overview, we"ll walk you via optimal 3 means to troubleshoot the “no gadget in Device Manager” issue. If the previous one solution didn’t occupational for your computer, attempt one more one.

Way 1. Register the .DLL File to Solve the Blank Device Manager

The unregistered msxml3.dll file can cause the no tool in Device Manager difficulty. You can re-register the .dll file to make the Device Manager obtainable again:

1. Use Windows shortreduced keysVictory + R to launch the Run.

2. Type right into regsvr32 msxml3.dll.

3. Press the Enter.


After that, if the “DllRegisterServer in msxml3.dll succeeded” box pops up, then you’ve registered the file. And now open the Device Manager to view if the blank location mirrors the hardware device entries.

Way 2. Enable the “Plug and Play” Service and Fix the “Device Manager Doesn’t Show Anything”

The Plug and Play is a Windows service that helps the computer to recognize hardware tools and make the driver transforms take result. If this business is disabled or quit, then the Device Manager can’t initiate the tools and also mirrors nopoint. So you have to go to the Windows Services to inspect the “Plug and also Play” and permit the company.

1. Launch the Run.

2. Type right into services.msc.

3. Scroll down and double-click the Plug and also Play organization.

4. Click Start button if the Service status is Stopped.

5. Select the Automatic from the drop-down food selection of the Startup type.

6. Click the Apply and also the OK switch.


Then rebegin the computer system and also open the Device Manager to check out if the “no tool in Device Manager” concern still persists.

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Way 3. Modify the Regisattempt to Troubleshoot the “Device Manager Not Showing Anything”

You can additionally modify the registry to gain your Device Manager ago on track. Note: Windows Regisattempt is a database storing key Windows data. Some values will be created by the OS immediately if they are deleted, while some might never before recuperate as soon as removed and will certainly cause various other serious PC issues, like blue screen of fatality problem, babsence screen, 100% disk usage, and so on. So don’t forobtain to backup the regisattempt prior to any adjustments.

1. Launch the Run.

2. Type into the regedit.

3. Hit the Enter vital.

4. Expand also the keys according to the path: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerToolbar.

5. You will certainly watch three secrets under the Toolbar: Explorer, ShellBrowser, WebBrowser.

6. Right-click the worth ITBarLayout in each vital and choose Delete.

7. Restart the computer.


How to Update Drivers When You Have a Blank or Empty Device Manager

Once you fail to update or repair Microsoft Arc mouse driver, Realtek audio driver, NVIDIA graphics driver, etc. through the empty or empty Device Manager, in suggest of reality, you deserve to use Driver Talent to assist in making the driver transforms.

Driver Talent is the safest and the fastest method to update drivers, which supplies the best-matched main and also WHQL motorists you need for the hardware tools. You deserve to click the switch listed below to get the driver updays if your Device Manager doesn’t show any kind of devices on your Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP or various other Windows OS.

Downfill Now

Here are 3 simple actions to upday the chauffeurs in secs.

1. Click Scan to detect all the outdated, absent or corrupted motorists.

2. Click Update or Repair to downpack and also install the best-matched chauffeurs.

3. Percreate a restart to make the driver transforms take impact.

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That’s it. Hope this short article deserve to aid you make your empty Device Manager earlier to work-related again. If you still fail to get the empty Device Manager earlier on track, please comment listed below or click the left food selection or go to the OSToto Official forum for more options.

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