Desktop icons move after playing a game

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You have fairly a couple of icons on your Windows desktop, and you have invested rather some time painstakingly arvarying them in the method that provides feeling to you. All is well for a while, then one morning you log in to your computer and also suddenly all symbols are messed up. Does this sound familiar?

If Windows keeps moving the desktop computer symbols, you might discover our software program Icon Shepherd of use: it memorizes the positions of the symbols and keeps track of them when they are moved roughly, producing snapshots of the symbol positions after each change. When Windows messes up your symbols, you have the right to usage Icon Shepherd to restore the formerly conserved layouts, and also return the symbols to their appropriate areas through one click. Downfill Icon Shepherd currently or read more about it. (Icon Shepherd is free for the personal, residence use on one computer system.)

However before, prior to founding to usage Icon Shepherd, you may want to inspect a couple of points first. If Windows does not let you rearvariety the symbols as you want, then the majority of probably the Auto-ararray symbols choice is turned on. To see or change this choice, right-click an empty space of your desktop, and relocate the mouse guideline to highlight the View item on the shortcut menu. This have to open up one more menu through a number of desktop customization options:


If the Auto-ararray icons choice is checked, uncheck it and view if that renders a difference. Chances are, you need to now have the ability to relocate the symbols to their appropriate positions on the desktop computer and also Windows have to not gain in the way.

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If this operated, you may want to experiment through various other choices on the same shortreduced food selection. For instance, did you recognize you can usage the Sexactly how desktop computer symbols to conveniently hide or present all of the desktop symbols at once? Try it and also watch just how it works. Maybe it have the right to give you an idea for a tiny April Fools joke...

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If unchecking the Auto-arrange icons option didn"t work and the icons keep relocating, it can be as a result of a number of various other possibilities:

1. Some programs (such as computer games in particular) readjust the display screen resolution as soon as you run them. When it happens, Windows instantly re-arranges the desktop computer icons to fit the new display size. When you departure the game, the display resolution might adjust earlier, however the symbols have actually already been re-arranged. Sound familiar? If you"ve noticed that the icons readjust their positions after you run a specific program, this could be the instance. What is the solution? Not to run that regimen :-) or look with its settings, perhaps tbelow is an option to adjust the display screen resolution it uses. Contact the firm that provides the offfinishing regimen, and they can be able to assist.

2. If just some icons are moving after you conserve transforms to the documents they represent, it could be because the program that saves the changes actually recreates a new document from scratch, and also it provides Windows to find a new place for the symbol rather than reuse the old one. As argued in the comments below, a solution to such a difficulty is not to conserve files themselves on the desktop computer. Instead, conserve them to some various other folder, such as Documents, and also produce shortcuts to the records on the Deskoptimal. This means, once you save the record, the shortreduced will not be adjusted, and also it must keep its position on the desktop.

3. If Windows keeps rearvarying the icons even after you"ve tried the previous suggestions, another possibility is that you have actually a faulty video card or an outdated driver for the video card. You see, if the video card or its driver carry out not behave well, they might readjust the resolution spontaneously, and once the resolution alters, it reasons Windows to reararray the symbols on the desktop computer, as well. If this is the instance, initially of all check for updays to your video card driver, and install a new variation, if easily accessible. Keep in mind that you might must search the web website of the company that manufactured your video card for the latest driver for your certain design. If updating the driver does not solve the problem, try tweaking the video card settings, such as changing its resolution or the screen mode. Good luck!

Finally, if Windows keeps rearvarying the desktop icons no matter what you attempt, you may want to install our software Icon Shepherd. It memorizes the positions of the desktop symbols and keeps track of them once you move the icons roughly, developing snapshots of the symbols after each readjust. When Windows messes up your icons, you deserve to use the Icon Shepherd symbol (beside the device clock) to reclaim a formerly conserved layout of the icons, and return them to their proper places. Download Icon Shepherd currently or check out even more about it. (Icon Shepherd is free for the personal, home use on one computer.)

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