Dell inspiron 15 no boot device found

It"s been choose an year sincw i have actually been utilizing thi lappeak. It was functioning favor a charm until 2 days earlier as soon as i was watching on youtube, my lapheight froze and as soon as it restarted it showed me "No Bootable gadgets found" through the shur down option. I ran epsa tests and also such to inspect if it was the tough srive issue but all tests were passed and verified no errors. I tried switchi g betwsen UEFI AND LEGACY with secure boot off and on yet still dosent out help. Would be a great help if somepne might aid me out with this as my Dad would screw me up if he pertains to know i rekt my new laptop, plus i need it for my exams which is going on ideal now. I have been aski g dell assistance around this with really much less assist provided from them. PLS HELP! The OS is Windows 10Regarfs,Josh

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Hey Josh. I"m Greg, an installation specialist and 8 year Windows MVP, below to help you. I will provide you procedures to accessibility the Repair Mode to attempt all repairs to get Windows started, and also if not to perform the automated Reset or the remarkable Clean Install after rescuing your papers. These steps don"t cover possible hardware faiattract which might come to be apparent while performing the actions, so please report ago as you go:1) Use whichever before approach functions in this connect to accessibility Advanced Startup Options: Easiest may be to restart PC three times to create the Startup Options. 2) If none of the other methods job-related it may be important to Create Windows 10 Installation Media on another PC: media, boot it by powering up PC while pressing the BIOS Boot Menu Key: the boot gadget as a UEFI tool if available, then on second display screen pick Repair Your Computer. If the media won"t boot you may have to enter BIOS/UEFI Setup (pressing essential offered in chart in attach above) to revolve off Fast Boot or Fast Startup initially. 3) In the Modern Troubleshooting alternatives try to System Restore to a allude prior to the troubles started, Startup Repair, then if crucial from Startup Settings attempt to gain into Safe Setting via Netfunctioning, or lastly Safe Mode. If Startup Setups aren"t easily accessible you deserve to pressure Safe Mode from Command Prompt using the command to unhide F8 Advanced Startup Options here: Try Last Knvery own Good Configuration and then Safe Setting via Networking. 4) From Safe Setting w/Networking job-related with the Windows 10 Install Integrity Checklist to make sure the install is set up effectively, optimized for finest performance, and also any type of necessary repairs acquire done If it doesn’t solve Windows enough to start it normally, then attempt a Windows 10 Refresh: your motorists from the PC"s Support Downlots web web page. Compare the latest motorists through the ones presently mounted in Device Manager got to by right clicking the Start Menu. Make certain you have the latest BIOS, Chipcollection, Display (Video), Sound, USB3, Bluetooth, Network-related and also all other motorists, or else downfill and install the latest currently. 5) If Safe Mode doesn’t work-related or aid stabilize things then go back to Modern Troubleshoot options. Next off try Command Prompt to run through Windows 10 Install Integrity Checklist (above link) repair regulates including sfc /scancurrently, DISM, a complete Disk Check, or go back to Troubleshoot choices to Recollection Your Windows 10 COMPUTER. 6) Better yet do the vastly premium Clean Install Windows 10 complying with the measures in this attach to delete all partitions down to Unallocated Space to get it cleanest: Tbelow is a action to Rescue Files from the booted media Command Prompt first: measures are excerpted from my tutorial that compiles every little thing feasible for Troubleshooting Windows 10 Faientice to Start: You deserve to proceed via the other steps tbelow. I hope this helps. Feel cost-free to ask earlier any type of concerns and let us understand just how it goes. I will keep working with you until it"s refixed. ________________________________________________________Standard Disclaimer Tright here are links to a website. The page shows up to be offering specific, safe indevelopment. Watch out for ads on the website that may advertise products typically classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Products). Thoaround research study any type of product advertised on the site prior to you decide to download and install it.

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----------------------------------I am a volunteer and not Over 100,000 helped in forums for 11 years. I don't quit for those who are polite and also participating.Windows MVP 2010-21