Default playback device keeps changing

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Windows not remembering default audio device?
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Asked 8 years, 8 months earlier
Active 2 years, 2 months ago
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I like the audio output on my computer to use the standard audio jack output as a result of volume problems. But I am making use of a monitor with HDMI. I have chosen to collection the default audio gadget to be "Speakers"


But eexceptionally time I reboot the default audio tool is the HDMI Output aget.


I am running Windows 7 64little. Why does it not remember the default device? (I perform shutdown and also boot up properly without errors.)

windows-7 audio hdmi
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The Fast and also Easy Way Out

One means to go about this is to disable the HDMI audio gadget in the Device Manager. This won"t let you usage your HDMI audio unless you allow it aacquire, so you"ll need to remember just how to carry out that; yet the upside is that you will not also see the HDMI audio tool in the playback/recording properties in the manage panel.

But I Want It To Work Right!

The reason this is happening is likely bereason the VIA sound driver has actually a bug that causes it not to perform "jack detection" correctly.

Jack detection is a device which detects whether you have a sound device plugged right into your sound jack. It is a relatively brand-new innovation based upon sensing whether an electric existing is being attracted from the audio port (a very tiny amount of energy is required to transmit the audio over a conventional 3.5" cable).

When jack detection is functioning properly on Windows 7, Windows will certainly automatically store using a maker noted as default as lengthy as an audio output (speakers, headphones, etc) is plugged right into the device. But if some other gadget has a associated jack and the default gadget doesn"t, it will certainly switch to the gadget that is connected. It does this to proccasion civilization from having to manually dig roughly in the control panel to listen to audio: it helps new individuals bereason the audio "simply plays" out of whichever gadget the jack is plugged into.

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Jack detection is actually a software application device that is quickly damaged and also exceptionally hardware-particular. On the Linux operating system, the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) driver developers have struggled via jack detection for years, having the labor-extensive task of making it job-related on tons of various sound cards. Unfortunately, the majority of motherboards ship a distinctive or nearly-unique audio chipcollection, making the problem worse. This also suggests that Windows drivers are equally error-vulnerable.

Bad Driver Developers Vs. The Public

Suggestions that might enable correct jack detection without having to disable the device in the device manager:

Upday your audio vehicle drivers from your motherboard manufacturer"s website.Update your AMD Catalyst motorists to the latest.

The factor that the system constantly thinks your HDMI audio is "plugged in" is likely that you usage HDMI or DisplayPort to plug in your monitor. Windows states "oh, you have actually a monitor plugged in", and the electric signaling through the monitor indicates that an audio course is obtainable, so of course it tries to use that as the default device -- especially if your VIA audio driver doesn"t have appropriate jack detection and Windows thinks nopoint is plugged in.

Here"s a actual quick jack detection test:

Start up the Windows regulate panel to the web page where you took the screenswarm in your question.Plug in your 3.5mm speakers/headphones plug right into the motherboard"s sound chipset (the VIA).Unplug it.

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If nothing in the UI changes to say "Device unplugged" or "Not plugged in", then jack detection is not functioning correctly.

If you deserve to definitively determine that jack detection is functioning effectively, and also you still can not obtain this to occupational as you desire, you might need to resort to disabling the tool in the gadget manager. :/