Dead by daylight fps issues

More maps in Dead by Daylight have actually simply obtained a graphical update.

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Behaviour Interenergetic just released the newest graphical update for the 4v1 asymmetrical horror title Dead by Daylight. But as great as they look, they may cause performance difficulties for some players. We’re playing on a typical PS4 and have noticed a far-reaching framerate drop.

The newest series of maps to be updated are: Coal Tower, Groaning Storeresidence, Ironfunctions of Misery, Shelter Woods and also Suffocation Pit within the MacMillan Estate. The levels look terrific via brand also brand-new textures, lighting and also more.


A brand-new graphical upday is currently live: Enter the completely reworked MacMillan Estate and also uncover the new Coal Tower, Groaning Storehouse, Ironworks of Misery, Shelter Woods, and also Suffocation Pit currently. #DbD #TheRealmBeyond

— Dead by Daylight (
DeadByBHVR) October 20, 2020

The problem is that these graphical updates have actually begun to negatively influence gameplay. We jumped right into the game on a typical PS4 yesterday to be greeted with multiple framerate drops. There were moments where the game would freeze or skip – and also in a game where eextremely second counts, that have the right to intend the difference in between life and death.

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The concerns were additionally present for us on PS4 Pro. Comments on Twitter indicate multiple players are experiencing performance hiccups on Xbox One and PC too.

Hopefully developer Behaviour Interenergetic have the right to deal with these performance problems to return Dead by Daylight to the smooth experience it must be. We love seeing new updays involved the game – but we have to wonder whether it’s worth it if it’s going to cause even more issues than it solves.

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You have the right to jump onto consoles and also COMPUTER now to watch these brand-new graphical updates. Hopecompletely you’ll have much better performance than we did.

Becca Smith

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