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The default instevery one of Windows 8.1 does not seem to need the "three-finger salute" to start the login procedure. (My endure from half a dozen installs...)

I"m prepping an 8.1 master image for my next refresh of computers and also am wondering if I have to allow Ctrl-Alt-Del to "administer even more security". Or is the convenience of just inputting in the user password at the prompt is secure sufficient.

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I"ve gained blended feelings about defense in my existing little university setting. I"d favor to make points as secure as possible, however recognize that upstream there"s bigger issues that make it worthless...

My Googling on this finds dozens of internet pages talking around exactly how to allow or disable, yet none I uncovered deal with the why or why not...

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Jul 14, 2014 at 19:43 UTC

jasonfreeman2 wrote:

Without educating your individuals, I do not check out exactly how it would certainly also help proccasion logon spoofs. If a lot of individuals check out a place to login, even if it doesn"t look "right" to them, they will still provide their username and also password.


Secure attention

Logon spoofing is a social engineering trick in which a malicious computer routine, masquerading as Windows login dialog box, prompts for user"s account name and password to steal them. To thwart this strike, Windows NT implements an optional security meacertain in which Ctrl+Alt+Delete acts as a secure attention key combicountry. Once the security is set off, Windows requires the user to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete each time prior to logging on or unlocking the computer system. Because the crucial combination is intercepted by Windows itself and malicious software program cannot mimic this habits, the trick is thwarted.

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<17> Unmuch less the Windows computer is part of a Windows domain network-related, the secure attention defense is disabled by default and should be permitted by the user.<18><19>

from here:


Is why supposedly malware can not mimic it, therefore you recognize you"re acquiring the genuine logon prompt. At least that"s the theory don"t know if it still holds.