Csgo how to turn off auto pickup

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Kouji_SanThe a lot of obscure point about high level play is rather apparent below. Doing stuff around you. ie: picking up points, listening for drops/adversaries, predicting adversary motion, every one of which while not looking, rather looking in the direction of the foe targets. This type of situational awareness is high level or pubstar play. That stuff makes a game circulation smoothly, having actually to soptimal midbattle/activity to look at something to pick it up is, for absence of much better word...Clunky as shit!

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Silly Kouji..Indevelopment, explacountry and burn all rolled into one.Only lacked strong sarcasm.. ok.. practically great.
The thing is though, they based their whole decision on pub play, it"s apparent as they made it without also learning around exactly how it"s provided for high level play also given that the marine can sprint. They"re just concentrating on the feature without any context to gameplay/flow. And as usual, they outappropriate ignore civilization who disagree through them, world who aacquire come up via much much better options, just to continue to force it via utilizing the patented and also packaged UWE means or the high way shtick, once aobtain.-->

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Change some attribute, HUD, gameplay facet (for the greater good)Observe that it"s not functioning as intendedPeople who come up with better alternatives, vets that recognize the game inside and out, more than likely much better then the devs themselves.Tell them they are reading whatever and also talking it over "behind the scenes"Come out with the statement they are still going to press the adjust through for now, so they deserve to view exactly how it functions out (potentially breaking something in the game)The civilization that spend time working out options conclude it"s not functioning, UWE concludes they must adapt and continue to overlook all various other, well created viable optionsRage++UWE blames the community for making use of suppose words, brought about by them ignoring them and pushing with their concept. And use that rage argument as a justification for the complying with decisions. Although they are the one lighting a fire under the community, who are fed up by being ignored and also forced into something that isn"t functioning as well as it should or even outideal breaking the gameChange gets enforced, thcheck out gets locked and some world gain warned or banned. They leave, to never come ago or are no much longer that interested in playing anymore.Some quite starray damage control mods/admins is done, using some quite passive aggressive statements???