Cpu stuck at low speed

Hello friends ,So i have actually a Lenovo Ideapad z510 lapoptimal i5, 6Go Ram, Windows 7 Pro 64x around 5 years old.Last week , i began having a difficulty through the battery, the lapoptimal is plugged-in , it claims charging but the battery portion won"t go up , stuck at 0%, i tried couple of things choose disabling and uninstalling the ACPI Microsoft and the Microsoft adaptor and enabling them aacquire, i tried discharging the pc , but that didn"t settle the problem, i guess the battery simply passed away , if you guys have a solution for that , i would appreciate it.Now i just stated the battery problem to provide as a lot informations to aid you understand what is going on with my pc.My significant trouble currently is , that after coming out of sleep mode, the pc end up being slow-moving and also it"s prefer the processor isn"t perdeveloping as it used to be, for instance , can"t watch youtube/twitch in 1080p or better, it doesn"t buffer however it lags (stutter) . It just get fixed if i restart the pc. But now the trouble is even worse, if i start the pc it functions perfectly fine , but after choose 10 minutes the lags and stutters beggins, i didn"t put it to sleep mode, it simply starts ending up being slow and when i want to watch high quality videos virtual,it stutters. I was playing a video game and was having prefer 130 fps which is normal to me, however then every one of sudden it ended up being 20 fps .After booting ,the computer system works perfectly fine, i deserve to watch high top quality via no difficulties , the processor seems to be working fine, i deserve to hear the fan blowing fast bereason it"s hight quailty stream, yet when it starts stuttering and also the pc in gerneral become slower, the fan speed is so a lot reduced , like the processor is not making an effort .It"s not an over heating trouble, because when it functions fine, the temperature is around 70Celsius/158Fahrenheit which is just how it noramly is when i didn"t have problems, however when the trouble accure the temperature drops to 53C/127F .Using HWmonitor, the cpu clocks is at 2996 MHz as soon as everything is fine yet once it starts stuttering the cpu clocks drops to 799 MHz.As i sassist ,it feels choose the processor isn"t running at complete capacity Because of my battery difficulties, i took out the charging like 5 times as i am still not offered that the battery isn"t working anymore, and also the pc would shut down because no power, that happened likewise while the pc was in sleep mode. I don"t understand if that what led to the problem I tried restarting the pc over and also over, i run cmd , sfc /scancurrently and no errors were uncovered, i ran chkdsk regulates yet the problem wasn"t solved , i reseted the bios to default settings , yet still nothing, i updated video vehicle drivers , still nothing.I hope i described it well sufficient, sorry if it"s not so clear, please feel free to ask me any questions you have actually.Thank you for your time !

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Have you tried running without the battery, I did that for about week while waiting for a replacement.