Could not initialize graphics system age of empires 2 windows 10

I recognize this question has been asked before but: I deserve to not gain my Age of Empires 2 : Era of Kings disc to run on my computer.

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It provides me the error message: Could not initialize graphics mechanism. Make certain that your video card and driver are compatible via DirectDraw.

What precisely is DirectDraw. and just how do I make my video card and driver compatible to it. I have actually currently tried Uninstalling and Reinstalling the disc.

Please Help!! I have actually downloaded all the directx components I deserve to find here, and have tried messing around through the videoccard, however all to no avail.
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Mouneshbattle R
Replied on November 29, 2010

Hi Sebstear,

What precisely is DirectDraw?

DirectDraw is offered to render graphics in applications wright here peak performance is essential. DirectDraw likewise allows applications to run fulldisplay or embedded in a home window such as most other MS Windows applications. DirectDraw supplies hardware acceleration if it is easily accessible on the client"s computer system. DirectDraw permits direct accessibility to video memory.

As of currently, I would certainly indicate you to try the procedures stated in the connect offered listed below in the order presented.

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Knvery own video problems in Period of Empires II

Alternatively, you have the right to also try the actions from the link provided listed below.

DirectDraw or Direct3D choice is unavailable

Hope this indevelopment is useful and also let me recognize if you require any kind of even more assistance

Mouneshbattle R – Support