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You don"t must replace all your PCs to relocate to virtual desktops. Here are six non-Windows devices to help you convert old hardware to thin clients for desktop computer virtualization.

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Last week, we explored means to reobjective old client hardware as thin clients using Windows-based devices. This week, it"s all about the non-Windows based approaches.

These 6 devices from some renowned and lesser-well-known merchants all work-related through VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp and Microsoft Remote Desktop (unmuch less otherwise noted).

Devon IT VDI Blaster Devon IT might not be famed, yet it has worked some significant name merchants over the years -- consisting of IBM and Dell. Devon IT is probably ideal known for its thin client hardware, however it also provides a COMPUTER convariation product called VDI Blaster.

VDI Blaster deserve to be set up by means of a Windows executable on the box, which creates a small partition offered to home Devon IT"s DeTOS thin client operating mechanism without harming the Windows installation. You deserve to additionally install it on a USB stick or directly to a tough drive without Windows.

After reboot, DeTOS launches and the machine properly becomes a Devon IT thin client. Windows is still on the box, but is not available to the user (unmuch less you want them to understand it"s there). From there, the gadget deserve to be regulated the same way as various other Devon IT thin clients -- via the Devon IT Echo Management Software.

VDI Blaster retails for $29.99/gadget and also deserve to be purchased at Devon IT"s webwebsite.

Wyse PC Extender Similar to VDI Blaster in that it places a thin client OS on a "fat" desktop computer, Wyse COMPUTER Extender is based upon SUSE Linux Enterprise Thin Client version 11. While this might not be the same OS accessible on other Wyse thin clients, it is controllable from the exact same location as all of Wyse"s other thin clients: Wyse Device Manager.

Wyse PC Extender retails for approximately $40/device, however it"s accessible with channel partners, so your mileage may vary.

Wyse WSM and also Cloud PCs Anvarious other giving from Wyse is the WSM solution, which permits you to develop a "Cloud PC" (yeah, that"s what they speak to it). It more than likely must have been in last week"s post, given that it deals with Windows, however better late than never.

Basically, WSM streams both the Windows OS and also applications to a statemuch less PC (that"s the "Cloud PC" part), wbelow everything will live and also be executed from memory. It supports both full and also installed versions of Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Wyse WSM has 2 prices, one for Wyse-branded "Cloud PCs" and also one for non-Wyse makers. The Wyse-branded machine retail price for WSM is about $200/tool, and the non-branded machine retail price is approximately $250/gadget. Like PC Extender, it is additionally available via channel partners.

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Stratodesk NoTouch Stratodesk, formerly Liscon, desires to be the ultimate, flexible thin client solution. The company"s NoTouch product refunctions x86 hardware as thin clients. You can install NoTouch on thin clients from various manufacturers, and your old PCs, and also control them all from the same monitoring console (NoTouch Center).

NoTouch is obtainable from the company"s webwebsite and prices begin at $31.49 for one to 10 clients, decreasing from there.

2X ThinClientServer The agency 2X has actually been around for many kind of years, but I do not understand of also many kind of world that use its products.

Its ThinClientServer is easily deployed using PXE, CD, USB stick or straight tough drive installation. VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop are supported, however tbelow is no cite of PCoIP, which leads me to believe that View is sustained with RDP only.

2X ThinClientServer is priced at $23.80 per user for the first 25 individuals (marketed as a 25-license fill for $595) via discounts as even more licenses are purchased.

ThinStation ThinStation is one of a few totally free and also open up source options on the market. Tbelow are a few others pointed out in the following section, however ThinStation is the finest documented and also a lot of updated solution out tright here through updates as recent as June 28, 2011.

It supports every one of the major desktop virtualization systems, including XenApp/XenDeskheight, View, Remote Deskpeak, NoMachine and 2X (they have a server solution, too). It likewise comes via a number of terminal remedies developed in.

ThinStation deserve to run off the network through PXE, or from USB, LiveCD, or hard drive installations. It"s easily accessible for totally free from ThinStation"s webwebsite.

Tright here are several various other products that aren"t typically maintained or are difficult to discover indevelopment about online. If you"re in the industry to transform PCs and also don"t mind a bit of a difficulty, perform some trying to find MultiFrame, ThinVictory and Cult. All of these have actually some visibility on the Web, but those areas appear to be moving targets with little information. Still, it can be up your alley at the ideal price.

The takeaway from these PC-to-thin client articles is that you don"t should rearea all the hardware in your organization to move to digital desktops. Tright here are plenty of tools out there to aid you uncover that happy place between "uncontrolled endallude wasteland" and having to control 2 instances of Windows for eincredibly person (one in the data center and also one on the desktop). Any of the devices discussed in these 2 posts can aid you obtain the the majority of out of your existing investment and save you from buying all brand-new hardware prior to you have to.

Note: Tbelow are the majority of packperiods out tright here, and also it"s hard to save track of which ones are still being preserved, let alone store up via any brand-new ones. If you"re conscious of any type of that didn"t make the list, shoot me an email or leave a note in the comments.

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