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Convert videos to any file format utilizing Media Encoder or Premiere Pro. Learn the differences between each application to pick the ideal one for your task.

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How to transform videos using Media Encoder


1. Select Documents or hit the plus “+” switch in the height left edge of the rendering queue.

2. Choose a document and include it to the queue.

3. Select an export preset or select custom settings.

4. Click on the output file to collection the output place and readjust the file name.

5. Press Start.


You have the right to likewise follow alengthy for a step-by-step visual.

Frequently asked concerns around the encoding procedure.


What video layouts does AME support?

AME can transform video papers of all forms. Many commonly offered formats are accessible, such as H.264, HEVC (H.265), MOV, WMV, ASF, MPEG-4, and MP4, and also AVI and also MKV on Windows tools. It likewise supports much less prevalent styles such as FLV. Explore all supported containers and extensions or learn even more about various video formats. likewise releases support for brand-new camperiods and file forms within days of their launch.


Can I export to multiple file forms at once?

Yes. If a video clip is queued in AME, you can drag and also drop other presets or file forms onto the clip, and AME will certainly render each format to your specifications. AME additionally supports parallel encoding, which enables you to render multiple papers in the queue concurrently. Most digital video converters or totally free video converters only job-related on one clip at a time.


Can I convert audio records in AME?

Yes. AME can act as an audio converter and supports many kind of audio layouts. From WAV to AAC, pick the best format for your audio.


Can I convert still imeras in AME?

Yes. You deserve to convert to JPG, PNG, GIF, and also more within AME.

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Tutorials to jump-begin your encoding.


How to solve errors once rendering or exporting.

Get answers for troubleshooting prevalent problems once exporting your media.

Learn more


How to export videos to share on social media.

You have the right to seamlessly encode and upfill videos to social media platcreates appropriate from AME. Save yourself a step following time you share to Twitter or upload a Vimeo or YouTube video.

Learn how


Set up proxies and also share comps.

Premiere Pro is good at rendering ultra-high-high quality video, yet throughout the modifying process, it’s advantageous to have the ability to quickly share smaller sized papers that work-related on lighter-weight tools, favor iPads or iPhones. Find Out just how to make lower-resolution versions of your videos through AME right from Premiere Pro and how to switch in between HD video and proxies.

Find Out how


Once you’ve schosen your settings, press Queue. This will certainly open up AME and start exporting your video in a separate window. You deserve to proceed to use Premiere Pro if you select to queue your records.


Convert videos in Premiere Pro.

It’s straightforward to transform videos in Premiere Pro too. Just open the export dialogue box and also, rather of clicking Queue, select the Export choice. Your video will certainly begin rendering from Premiere Pro.


Everything you require for the perfect playback.

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Whether you’re drafting your first animation or putting the finishing touches on a function film, take your video from raw footage to the final reduced.