Consistency validation for sql server registry keys

I am trying to install SQL Server 2008 R2 Management Studio Expush on a Windows XP machine that currently has actually SQL Server Management Studio 2005 set up on it. I would certainly prefer to have actually both of these instances mounted at the very same time.

During the installation, every one of the Setup Support Rules passed except for

"Consistency validation for SQL Server registry keys"via the error

"The SQL Server regisattempt secrets from a prior installation cannot be modified. To continue, view SQL Server Setup documentation about how to resolve registry keys."All of the sources and suggested fixes I have actually checked so far have actually been unbeneficial in that they haven"t really dealt with my certain scenario through this error, and I don"t desire to modify any registry secrets unmuch less I am certain of the fix I am making. Please help!


I am creating this write-up bereason for some reason, nobody seems to have actually created this specific instance. That"s a little surprised bereason it entails an extensively used 3rd party software package.

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My trouble was resulted in by another non-typical circumstances of SQL that was set up as part of my ACT! contact mgmt device. It took around 3 days of analysis and also trial-error to number it out.

Need to open up Control Panel, Admionstrator Tool, Services. Then go through and STOP EVERY SERVICE that describes SQL. My first one, MSSQL$ACT7, appeared to sheight all of them since tright here were never any kind of various other SQL solutions running on this machine.

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i inevitably uncovered the answer to my own problem in this thread:

Steps 1. Located HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server in registry 2. Right click and go to Permission 3. Click on Advance 4. Tick on both check box (I. Inherit from parent the permission... II. Relocation permission entries on all kid objects...), click OK 5. Click OK aobtain



You could attempt running Sysinternals Process Monitor to check out what registry tricks are being accessed, and what accessibility is failing

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