Computer takes a long time to wake up from sleep mode

It has 6 gb of installed memory and also 64 bit operating device. zit is even more than 3 years old. I don"tusage it for any type of heavy gaming or somepoint.

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I never had actually this issue before but through Windows 10 it takes a long time, even more than a minute to wake up from sleep.

I did some preliminary stuff that is said in neighborhood but to no avail.

Does anyone recognize what might be the issue?



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Hi Sankar,

Thank you for posting your query in Community.

I understand the inconvenience resulted in to you. I will certainly be glad to aid you through your concern.

This issue could be resulted in due to the following reasons:

Power Settings.

Third Party Hardware/Software disputes.

Let’s try the following methods to settle this issue:

Method 1:

I would certainly suggest you to run the Power troubleshooter and check if it helps.a) Press the ‘Windows Key + W crucial on the keyboard.b) Type troubleshooter in the search box and also then push enter.c) Select Troubleshooting. Click on see alland choose Power.d) Click following and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Method 2:

I would indicate you to disattach all the external tools (printers, scanner, USB (global serial bus) drives, and so on..) other than mouse and the keyboard and then wake the computer system from sleep mode and also check if it helps.

If this fixes the issue, then include the gadgets one after the various other till you discover the item of hardware bring about the issue.

Method 3:

If the problem still persist, I would suggest you to reclaim the power setup to the default settings

a. PressWindows Key + X, and also pick the option Control Panel (Standard View).

b. Click on thePower Options icon.

c. Click onChange advanced power settings.

d. Select the choice “Resave default settings for this plan”.

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Let us recognize if it helps. For better assistance feel complimentary to short article your queries in forums. We will be glad to aid you.