Computer screen goes black and freezes

Yesterday my pc was functioning good and also I did play some Dota This morning I was on the game of Dota had actually a black screen with no signal on my monitor and my pc save freezes randomly or store reestablishing the display , black display screen and also save rebeginning sinced so what I did format my harddrive and done Fresh home windows 10, I done likewise Windows Memory Diagnostic test and also error checked harddrive test through no errors results. I checked hdmi cable and take out my mobo battery but no luck ?‍

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AMD 290 4gb is a big card using 275w - and also a warmth issue through this card can cause what you are experiencing. Does it run better?/longer? if you let it sit for a couple of hours? Grab a temperature checking utility (many kind of in downfill section) and also watch this in a home window while running game in second home window. Looking for high temps either CPU or GPU. Dust needing cleanout? Heatsinks loose? TIM needing replacement?Also kind "reliability" in search box and run it - look for red dots - click and also review - looking for APPCRASH or similar.

I got Corsair rm750w Psu, I clean my card take out dust out . the card just run 5 minutes after babsence screen or keep reestablishing or restarts however it can run much longer time in safe mode.

You have actually a fine system and also it seems to have all the ideal stuff. Did you build it yourself? How lengthy back was that? I suspect it is warmth issue since it runs OK for a little bit and then it doesn"t. Since I can"t check out it (or hear it, or touch it), I need even more information from you.Please answer each question via some detail:Did you change any software application in the last couple of days - if so, what and also when - was there any kind of error report?When it has actually been off for more than 4 hours, exactly how long does it run till it has a problem?Once it is wequipped up, exactly how lengthy does it run till it has a problem?Does it make any sounds - if so what sounds and when?Do all the fans (CPU, GPU, PSU and case) spin? Any noises from fans?Evaluating each heatsink, are any kind of of them loose?You have actually a water cooler, is it "full" and also does the pump run properly?Could you run temperature utility? Can you tell me the temperatures for GPU and also CPU? Using "Relicapacity History", were tright here any type of "red dots"? When you click on them what is the report of technical details of the error?

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I checked my water block it"s a little lose and dust but I could settle it

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Loose heatsink can boil chips.Maybe number out why loose and also buy some Thermal Paste and make an excellent connection. Many type of YouTube videos cover great technique.Please answer all questions in #4 over - you are my just source of indevelopment.