Computer fan turns on and off repeatedly

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CPU fan transforms on and off repetitively after transforming the motherboard.Problem can be viewed listed below the link..

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Not certain the CPU is function properly because just adjusted from an additional motherboard..Things have been done..Used 2 PSU for testing..Take off all the plug-in components except PSU and motherboard..Placed the thermal paste between CPU and fan..Taking off the processor and Cooler..motherboard is operated fine..

make and full design of motherboard pleasefull model details of cpuare you certain cpu fan is linked to correct headerWhy has CPU been changedAll we need to work through is what you tell us
Motherboard: Gigabyte P43-ES3GProcessor: Intel Pentium 915Yes, tbelow are 2 slots for the header and I already tried all of them..I"m not sure the difficulty is the processor as it is the last point I haven"t tested yet..But not certain whether it will reason this instance taken place..

so as I asked why please was the CPU changedas I said all I have to go on is what you tell meWhat arisen via the original CPU and also was that the Pentium 915I am surprised tbelow are two headers for connecting a cpu fan ?according to my indevelopment tright here is only one - optimal of board over the ram slotsthere are two sys fan headers a 3 pin and also a 4 pin - the 3 pin is to the left and also below the processor and also in the direction of the I/O plate. The 4 pin is even more dvery own the board above the SATA ports and also way out of reach of the CPU fan connection
Yes..the existing CPU is Pentium 915..CPU has never been readjusted to various other yet..Just relocated from old motherboard to new motherboard..

Tright here are 4 revisions of that motherboard. So the revision may be helpful also.Also, tbelow are 3 fan headers, however just one "cpu fan" header. The cpu fan header is at the optimal of the board over the RAM, and all 3 are labeled (ie: cpu_fan, sys_fan1, and also sys_fan2) on the motherboard itself. Or the diagrams are all in the User Manual (page 7).

It is not unprevalent to have dual cpu fan connectors on modern hardware but not on something that old. I checked the specs and also tbelow is just one cpu fan connector. You need to have provided a chassis fan or mechanism fan connector. This is incorrect; cpu fan have to be linked to the header labeled cpu fan and also nopoint else.

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Yes..I already tried the "cpu fan" slot above the ram..And it is still taken place the trouble over..Thank you anyway..

Some prevalent errors;1 Aux pw connector not installed2 CPU cooler not set up effectively. One or more of the push-pins not completely seated3 Case standoff shorting to motherboard as a result of incorrect placement of standoffsYou carry out need to understand that the motherboard you are utilizing is now 8yrs old. The board might simply have failed.Tright here is a guide at the optimal of the hardware forum for problem builds. If you follow ALL of the procedures of the guide, you will find the cause of your problem.
Okay..I got it ideal..It is the processor trouble..I adjusted a brand-new processor and also it is functioned currently..=)..
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