Computer fan turning on and off

My COMPUTER has suddenly quit starting up. On checking via situation open, the CPU fan starts running once the power is turned on, but it stops after about 2-3 seconds, restarts aget after around 2-3 seconds and also the loop is repetitive. Tbelow is no beep and nopoint shows up on the display. On searching the internet, I found there could be a number of factors for this. I tried removing hard-disk, CD drive, tightening connections and so on but of no avial. I additionally tried utilizing a new power supply yet the response is the very same.

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Where can be the trouble and exactly how have the right to it be solved? Thanks in breakthrough.

Update: The problem might not be corrected and I had actually to relocation both the cpu and the motherboard.


Having checked a various known functioning power supply and also without any kind of other indevelopment, (execute you have any kind of LEDs on the board that bconnect when beginning up?), I would suspect a failed motherboard component. To completely test the board rerelocate whatever except the CPU, one stick of RAM and also the power connectors. If it starts prefer that try again with the others stick(s) of ram one at a time then all together. If it fails to start through any one stick then it"s poor RAM. If you come up with anyeven more information we have the right to job-related from tright here.

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I have actually checked out such actions once the power supply wasn"t as much as the job. The voltperiods fail to stabilize and the device shuts dvery own.


Recently ran into this trying to construct a gigabyte Z77h-dsh3 motherboard and i5 E3579J CPU. It turned that among the tiny pins in the mobo CPU socket was bent. Checked them through magnifying glass and also very closely straightened it out. Everypoint works fine currently.

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I had the exact same problem of CPU fan turning on and also off and also the COMPUTER never booted up. At initially I assumed it was the power source unit or CPU problem. It turned out the RAM card is faulty. After changing the RAM card, every little thing worked fine.


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