Computer booting from wrong drive

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Whenever before you boot your PC, it will certainly commonly boot off of whatever drive has actually the bootloader installed on it.

This is normally an problem those through multiple drives enrespond to. This mostly happens because the computer might not recognize which drive has the bootloader by default.
One widespread misconception is that the drive that has actually the Windows install documents is additionally the drive that has actually the bootloader, but that couldn’t be more wrong.

Hence, you may have to adjust the Master Boot Record (MBR) if it is not on the intfinished drive. Due to the fact that this procedure requires numerous measures, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to display you just how you have the right to perform this.

How do I readjust the Master Boot Record?

1. Mark System Partition as Active with Windows Installation Media

Go into your PC’s BIOS setupThis procedure varies from PC to PC, so inspect on your manufacturer’s webwebsite for even more infoGo to Boot orderSet the CD-ROM (for CDs and also DVDs) or Removable Device (for bootable USB drives) as the initially boot devicesSave the transforms and also exit the BIOS setupThe COMPUTER will certainly now reboot from the Installation MediaBoot your PC utilizing Installation MediaThis might be a CD, DVD or a bootable USB flash driveOnce in the menu, select Repair your computerChoose TroubleshootSelect Advanced OptionsEnter the Command also PromptInput these commands, and also hit Enter after each of them:list diskpick disk x (In your situation x is the number of the disk you will certainly operate)list partitionpick partition y (In your case y is the variety of the correct mechanism partition)active


Your Windows COMPUTER need to currently booth from the appropriate drive.

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2. Mark System Partition as Active through MiniTool Partition Wizard

There are plenty of third-party tools out tbelow that deserve to do the same job as the first technique, just via fewer measures. One such tool is MiniDevice Partition Wizard.

If you desire to use it to adjust the boot drive, then follow the measures below:

Create a bootable USB drive using the MiniDevice Partition Wizard’s Bootable Media BuilderGo into your PC’s BIOS setupGo to Boot orderSet the Removable Device as the initially boot devicesSelect the partition that you desire to make bootable, and also mark it as Active using the Set Active featureSelect Apply to save the changesRestart the PCGo back to the BIOSSet the drive as the initially Boot order choice

Your Windows PC have to currently boot from the appropriate drive.

By adhering to any type of of the two actions, you should have the ability to change the boot drive of your COMPUTER without any concerns.

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Did you discover this guide to be useful? Let us know if you recognize other approaches of changing the boot drive in the comment section below.