Computer beeps when moving mouse

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I can not for the love of god number this out. When beginning my computer, occasionally as soon as I open an application, my computer involves a halt. These things happen:

-Pressing a switch on my mouse produces a beep for the down press and another beep for the up press.

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-If it"s negative enough, just moving the mouse will certainly develop a beep. But that hasn"t happened for a while.

-Keyboard keying is laggish. It forms what I type but one letter per 5 secs about.

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-System still loads in the background. People on mumble/skype can still talk in real time. Youtube still plays and also buffers fine.

To resolve it I simply need to store rebeginning my computer and also trying the same thing till it does not happen. Does anyone understand what would reason this or just how to diagnose it?


Windows 8 64-bit32GB RamASUS Rampage IV Extreme Mobo2x Nvidia 670 GPU1000W PSU - Corsairi7-3730K CPULogitech Mouse and also KB
windows-8 memory motherboard lag
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The puzzling component is that it only happens on start up but you don"t offer a lot to go on but

Check your MSCONFIG and disable the begin up programs (if you"re happy to execute so) which you don"t need.

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Check your Task Scheduler to view if anything is being kicked off on start

These are things to examine any type of method although I"m less confident as your problem is just on begin up:

Upday your BIOS

When you can get on your machine and also the computer mouse functions as supposed, upday your motorists (or also roll them earlier for the keyboard/mouse)

Borrow one more keyboard/mouse and check out if the problem persists.

Use various USB ports for key-board and also computer mouse (assuming they"re both USB).

If this still falls short, it could be a faulting motherboard!

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