Close programs to prevent information loss windows 10

I have actually a Windows 10 box that periodically comlevels about being out of memory. I obtain the scary "Cshed programs to proccasion information loss" dialog. Eexceptionally time, it desires Windows Explorer closed. The just method to make it happy is a reboot. However, the system is nowright here close to out of memory.

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Any concepts as to why this is happening? It"s extremely stselection. This is a mechanism that"s on simply around 24/7 which is likely part of the difficulty...

Which of the complying with retains the information it's storing as soon as the system power is turned off?


I"ve been having actually random Memory concerns lately as well. Strange. * I"ve also acquired this pop-up, and I have 16GB installed, with the utilization never before coming almost everywhere near that *



The issues is the Committed section. It looks prefer your web page file is about 21.8 GB, and you are commited 21.7 GB.

Are you letting Windows regulate your web page file?

If you want to uncover out what"s using committed memory you should look at Task Manager"s Details tab and also permit the Commit dimension column.


Cshedding Explorer doesn"t settle it, at least temporarily? Try running sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt.

Derek_A wrote:

The concerns is the Committed area. It looks like your page file is around 21.8 GB, and you are commited 21.7 GB.

Are you letting Windows manage your web page file?

If you desire to discover out what"s making use of committed memory you should look at Task Manager"s Details tab and also enable the Commit dimension column.

Hey look at that. I didn"t notice that! I have not tweaked through web page file settings, so yes, Windows is controlling it. Is there a way to connumber Windows to not swap unmuch less necessary? Like in Linux, I always collection vm.swappiness=1 so that it just swaps once it"s running out of memory.

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Unfortunately the box has been rebooted, so every little thing looks "normal" now...however absolutely something to check next time.

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Apr 14, 2016 at 16:52 UTC

I had actually this exact same issue! Here is what was leading to my troubles. I see you are in the Task Manager - Performance Tab. Click the Resource Monitor at the bottom of that home window and also in the memory section you need to be able to view what process / routine is eating up your memory. In my instance it was the existing driver for the wiremuch less adapter in our laptops. I had actually to install a driver straight from Intel in order to eliminate the memory leak.

Find out what resource is eating up your memory and we deserve to go from there.

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jasonfreeman2 Apr 15, 2016 at 19:11 UTC

We"ve had actually Intel video chauffeurs doing this is on our Optiplex 7020 desktops. It runs out of RAM, yet Performance Monitor says every little thing is excellent. Updating the driver hasn"t fixed it, and also we"ve tried for months to settle it using driver updays.

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And I doubt anypoint is physically wrong considering that we have so many type of 7020s doing it, and our 7020s via Windows 7 are running flawlessly.


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