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Office is just one of the widely supplied software application from Microsoft.The suite comprises a variety of applications, servers and also solutions. A number versions are accessible and also you can pick anyamong them depfinishing uponyour specific demands and also requirement. Like any kind of other software program, MS Office canadditionally stop working due to a variety of errors. Be it in the time of installation,download, update, activation or use, these errors have the right to occur at any allude oftime.

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Among all these errors, a lot of of the users have encounteredthrough “Click-2-Run Configuration Failure” error while using any kind of of the Officeapplications. The error occurs the majority of regularly in Office 2010 variation. Before movingahead to the troubleshooting procedures, try un-installing and then re-installingMicrosoft Office. This can settle this problem; otherwise you can download aClick2Run cleanup tool and fix this error using this tool.

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Once downloaded, follow the below mentioned steps totroubleshoot Office “Click-2-Run-Configuration Failure” error:
%PROGRAMDATA%MicrosoftOEMOffice14OStarteren-usNow, execute the CleanC2R.exe file from the zipachieve to finish remove C2R, including the virtual Q: drive that containsassociated filesRestart your device and also then execute the C2Ronce againRebootthe COMPUTER aobtain and also execute the file offcIn.exeThis will certainly remove the Office 2010 starter packcompletelyReboot yet again and relocate to the ProgramDatacatalog including Office Starter Installation FilesRight-click the SetupConsumerC2ROLW.exe fileSelect Run as administrator to install C2R againalong with a new copy of Office 2010 starter.Apart from the abovementioned procedures, you have the right to additionally repair tool for the very same. The tool have the right to be downloaded depending on theWindows OS variation you are using. However before, if the abovementioned solutiondoesn’t work then, call Microsoft customer support team and gain it solved bya certified technician, that is easily accessible at your company for 24*7.Hey, I’mSmith Leo. I’m a web developer living in The golden state. I am a fan of modern technology, architecture, and also internet breakthrough. I’m likewise interested in camping and also snowboarding. You deserve to visit my webwebsite via a click the button above. Visit
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