Chrome youtube your browser does not currently recognize

The error message ‘Your browser does not currently recognize any kind of of the video formats available’ occurs when you are trying to watch a video clip on YouTube utilizing Google Chrome, Firefox or any kind of other browsers. This have the right to be due to a lot of factors including set up add-ons, disabled media sources (in Firefox), and so on. The error message, in some cases, can not occur on all the videos. However, some customers regularly stumble on the said error while trying to watch a details video(s).

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Your Browser does not Currently Recognize Any of the Video Formats Available

YouTube has actually become a crucial resource of entertainment by permitting its users to listen to a selection of various videos including music and so on and giving a platdevelop for all the creators out tright here. In this post, we’ll be looking at the feasible causes of the error message and also remedies to gain the shelp error reresolved.

What reasons the ‘Your Browser does not Currently Recognize Any of the Video Formats Available’ Error Message?

The possible reason of the error message might differ with respect to various scenarios, but, it is often as a result of the following primary reasons:

Installed Add-ons: The error message appears to occur if you have set up any type of extensions like YouTube Flash Player or YouTube Flash Video Player on your browser. What these add-ons do is pressure the webwebsite to usage Flash rather of HTML5 and also as an outcome, you are triggered the error message.Disabled Media Sources: If you are making use of Mozilla Firefox, you can encounter the error if certain media resources are disabled in your browser’s config.Obsolete Browser Version: Another aspect here could be your outdated web browser. If you haven’t updated your browser for quite a while or if you are making use of a pretty older version of the browser, then that can be the cause of the error message.

Now, in order to fix the worry, you can follow the solutions given down below.

Solution 1: Removing Add-ons

The first thing you have to perform to try to deal with your error message is to remove any add-ons that you have actually mounted on your internet browser that force YouTube’s usability. As we have actually stated, above add-ons like YouTube Flash Player force the site to usage Flash in area of HTML5, albeit, YouTube is far ahead than the times of Flash. Thus, removing such add-ons is compulsory. Here’s just how to do it on Firefox and Chrome:

For Mozilla Firefox:

On the peak ideal corner, click the Menu switch (3 parallel bars) and choose Add-ons from the drop-dvery own list.
Mozilla Firefox Menu ListOn the left-hand side, click Extensions to switch to the Extensions tab.Remove any extensions for YouTube by clicking Remove in front of the expansion.

For Google Chrome:

To open up up the extensions tab in Google Chrome, form in chrome://extensions in the attend to bar.
Chromes Add-onsClick Remove under the name of the expansion that you want to remove.Hit Remove aobtain in the confirmation dialog box.

Systems 2: Enabling Media Sources (Firefox)

If you are receiving the error message while using Mozilla Firefox, tright here is a feasible chance that it is resulted in by disabled media resources in the configuration of the internet browser. In such a scenario, you will need to allow these media resources. Here’s just how to perform it:

Open up a brand-new tab and also type in about:config in the resolve bar.Click ‘I accept the risk’ to access the config of the web browser.Type in media.mediasource in the search bar.Now, make certain that the complying with media sources are set to true.

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Enabling Media SourcesIf they are set to false, simply double-click it to adjust the worth from false to true.Rebegin your internet browser.

Solution 3: Launching Browser in Safe Mode

If the above remedies carry out not solve your trouble, then you deserve to try to circumvent your issue by launching your internet browser in safe mode. Launching your browser in safe mode will certainly disable all the mounted add-ons and also recollection some web browser settings. In this way, you’ll be able to pinsuggest the cause of the worry in your certain scenario. Here’s how to perform it:

For Mozilla Firefox:

Click the Menu button located in the top-appropriate edge.Click the Help option and then select Restart with Add-ons Disabled.
Starting Firefox in Safe ModeThis will let you begin your internet browser in safe mode.If the issue is reresolved in safe mode, then what you deserve to do is try rerelocating all the mounted add-ons to view if it resolves the problem.

For Google Chrome:

Sadly, Google Chrome doesn’t come through a Safe Setting function, yet, what you can carry out is open up up an incognito window. All the set up add-ons are disabled by default in incognito mode hence, you can check if you are able to watch the video in incognito mode.

Solution 4: Updating your Browser

The last possible solution for the error message is to upday your web browser. Running an obsolete version of your browser is highly not recommended as updates market security and bug fixes in addition to much even more stcapability and also features. Therefore, if you haven’t updated your internet browser, execute so to watch if it isolates the concern. Here’s exactly how to do it:


Click on the Menu switch in the top-appropriate corner and select Options.In the General tab, scroll dvery own until you view Firefox Updates.Click ‘Check for Updates’ to watch if there are any updates obtainable.
Updating FirefoxAlso, it is recommfinished to let the internet browser instantly download updates by selecting ‘Automatically install updays (recommended)’.


In Google Chrome, look at the shade of the Menu switch (3 dots).If it is either Red, Green or Orange, it suggests there’s an upday easily accessible for your browser.Click on the Menu button and also select Upday Google Chrome.
Updating Google Chrome

Note: The various colors are exclusively for the purpose of representing the amount of time the update has been available for.

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Fix: Your Browser does not At this time Recognize Any of the Video Formats Available

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