Chrome what does allow access to file urls mean

The Picture-in-Picture (PiP) expansion for Google Chrome lets you watch videos on the internet in PiP mode. However, if you desire to watch a video clip from your local drive, you can use Chrome to play it in a PiP window.

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For this overview, you have the right to use either the built-in PiP mode or the official Chrome expansion. If you haven’t already, head over to the Chrome internet keep and also install the PiP expansion to continue.

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Note: Not all video file layouts are sustained for playback in Google Chrome. However before, Chrome supports WebM and also MP4 formats natively, though some MP4 files might fail to open up due to various kinds of codecs.

For this overview, we’ll be using Windows as the operating system. The process need to job-related identically on all desktop computer platcreates consisting of macOS, Linux, and also Chrome OS.

For Google’s PiP expansion to work-related with files stored locally on your computer system, you have to approve permission to the extension to accessibility a file’s URL. Right-click the extension’s icon located in the toolbar and then choose “Manage Extensions.”

Scroll down until you check out “Allow Access to File URLs” and also toggle the switch to the “On” position.

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Next, navigate to the folder of the video you want to watch in Chrome. Right-click the video, suggest to “Open With,” and then click “Google Chrome.”

If you don’t watch Chrome as a tip, click “Choose Anvarious other App” from the conmessage food selection that opens. From the list of apps, pick “Google Chrome” and then click “OK.”

Conversely, you have the right to drag the video file straight into a new tab and Chrome will certainly open the video automatically.

After the video opens up, click on the PiP extension icon, and the video will certainly pop out on top of all other windows in a mini-player.

If you aren’t utilizing the Chrome extension and also rather want to usage the integrated PiP attribute, right-click the video, and then click “Picture in Picture.”

Just as with any kind of various other video in PiP mode, you can move the player by dragging it everywhere on the screen.

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After you finish the video, either click the “X” in the mini-player home window to close it or select package and also arrow icon at the bottom left of the player to return to the tab wbelow the video was playing.

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