Chrome-search //local-ntp/local-ntp.html

Chrome tabs are seeing a hold-up as soon as a new tab is opened and the URL is gotten in prior to the tab web page is finished loadingArticle checked out in tab -"chrome-search://local-ntp/local-ntp.html"

Applies to the complying with product(s) and also version(s) Central Mac Endpoints


This is affecting any kind of Central Mac's

Has been viewed on version 9.9.8 systems and version 10.0.0


There are currently no workaround at this time

Next off update

This KBA will be updated as soon as new indevelopment has been provided

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0Bidisha Roy6 months ago

Hi, is tright here any type of upday on this issue?

0Shweta6 months agoin reply to Bidisha Roy

Hi Bidisha Roy

Our advance team is presently functioning on this problem, as shortly as tright here is any type of upday we will be updating the indevelopment on our forums.

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0Matt Spell6 months ago

Throwing our hat in on this one. Our company is seeing even more and also moreuser gadgets suffering from this concern eextremely day. This bug is moderately impacting our performance and the affect is increasing as it creeps onto even more and even more devices.

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0Tarmo Randel6 months agoin reply to Matt Spell

Seeing the exact same. People are not happy (>1.5k). I am not happy.


0Cid Dennis6 months ago

Also seeing this issue. It tried to disable LiveProtection yet still having actually concerns. Pages load exceptionally slow-moving.

0Cid Dennis6 months agoin reply to Cid Dennis

Any more updates it has been 3 days now? Wbelow precisely will certainly we understand to look for that status on this issue?


I have the exact same problem. When Can we mean a fix?

0emmoclassiccomputers.info6 months ago

Hello All,

Unfortunately, there are noavailable updays yet. Once indevelopment becomes easily accessible this threview will certainly be updated.

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0Nidia Vargas6 months ago

We started experiencing this concern 22 days back at the extremely least. We initially thought it was a Google trouble but after further digging, we uncovered it was This situation was escalated given that September 16th from my firm. I don't rather acquire how this was missed throughout testing. Google Chrome is one of the many common provided browsers for suppliers given that it's a manageablebrowser. How can there be no even more explanation other than one KB write-up created?

0Rodrigo Wolschick6 months ago

Same here, additionally experiencing this concern for virtually a month now. What around revert the alters you've made and after resolve it release a new version?