Chrome profile could not be opened correctly

How to solve "Your profile can not be opened correctly" problem in Chrome or Chromium without shedding yourprofile

May 10, 2010 by Saravanan Thirumuruganathan

I use Google Chrome as my default browser. So as soon as I began acquiring errors saying "Your profile can not be opened correctly" , it was quite annoying. I tried lot of fixes on my very own and nopoint appeared to work. I checked the forums and the majority of of the options were to basically produce a brand-new profile which was not acceptable to me.

I had actually quite a little of idle time now and hence determined to discover the root cause. One of the primary factors for my anxiety was the nagging doubt that this could be due to my recent Chrome Exanxiety – Chrome Nanny (for even more details watch Chrome Nanny – A Leech Block favor Extension for Chrome ). It turned out that my extension was innocent however in the process , I found the root reason !

The cause of this issue seems straightforward – Some file or database is corrupted. I tried opening all SQLite databases and they all operated appropriately. Many of the various other files (esp which had actually JSON data) as well seemed fine to me. The staying was some information documents and also I had no method to discover how to verify their integrity.

I was able to finally deal with the problem. I had actually few options which have to occupational. I had actually detailed every one of them – so usage the one which functions for you.

Method 1 : Check if tbelow is any zombie processes

This is probably the many widespread scenario. If you gain an error “Your profile could not be opened” , close all Chrome windows. Now examine using ps if there is any kind of chrome process still alive. A easy ps –aux | grep –i chrome or ps –aux | grep –i chromium need to carry out.  If tright here is any kind of processes still alive kill them (usage kill, pkill or killall). Make sure all chrome processes are dead and begin Chrome aobtain. If the error does not come aget, excellent ! Else follow the other steps.

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If you are in Windows, then usage the task explorer to kill all chrome procedures.

Method 2 : Rerelocating Net Documents file

Try this approach initially as this was the issue in my device. Google Chrome has actually a document called "Net Data" which stores lot of info in it – consisting of your passwords (wink wink). In my situation this file was corrupted. I deleted this file and all worked well.

If you are in Linux , you deserve to uncover the "Web Data" file at ~/.config/google-chrome/Default (if you are making use of Chrome) or at ~/.config/chromium/Default (if you are making use of Chromium). If you are in Windows (atleastern in Windows 7), the file is at C:Users\AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefault . Delete the file and restart Chrome. Hopecompletely everything should occupational well. Of course, you will lose all your stored passwords and also the search engines.

Method 3 : Check if any type of of the SQLite databases is locked

Chrome provides SQLite to store lot of indevelopment. Some times, the database could be locked and Chrome could not be able to access it. In this case, follow Kyron’s script in this Chrome forum.

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Basically what he does is this : he dumps the SQLite database data right into an SQL file, deletes the database , recreates it making use of the SQL file. This script must occupational if you are in Linux. (I think it should job-related for Mac too). His script is composed for Chromium. If you are utilizing Google Chrome, readjust the folder ~/.config/chromium/Default/ to ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/ .

Method 4 : Creating a new profile through a lot of of the data from old profile

This strategy is very comparable to the previous techniques where rather of rerelocating "Web Data", it tries to produce a new profile with the majority of of the beneficial data from old profile copied in to it. The steps are :

    a) Rename the Default folder at ~/.config/google-chrome/Default or ~/.config/chromium/Default to say backup. For Windows, the folder is at C:Users\AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefault     b) create a new folder via name "Default"     c) copy the files/folders provided listed below from original Default folder (currently named as backup) to the new Default folder one by one . After each step, try opening Chrome to see if the error comes. If an error comes, then the latest object you replicated led to the worry.

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    Preferrals file     Bookmarks file     Expansions folder (contains all your extension’s resource code)     Local Storage folder : copy only documents start via "chrome-extension_"  (various other documents are most likely not required )     History* (all your background )   


Aacquire note that you will acquire a profile that is exceptionally close to the previous profile but it will not have the old stored passwords or the practice search engines you had actually.