Chrome not appearing in volume mixer

The sound on my computer works. The sound on other browsers job-related too. The only place the sound does not job-related is Chrome. This has happened once prior to however I had the ability to resolve it. This time, nothing seems to be working.

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List of points I have actually already tried (in no specific order):

Restarting ChromeRestarting computerReestablishing Chrome settingsClearing cache and cookiesRe-installing ChromeGoing incognitoDisabling/removing extentionsUsing the software removal toolTroubleshootingUsing guest profile

The only thing that has been argued to me that I have not yet tried is making use of Chrome Beta and also Chrome Canary. I will certainly eventually try them if nopoint much better can be argued to me. I would like them to be a last rekind though, as I execute not want to risk any type of bugs.

As for which variation of Windows and Chrome I have, it"s Windows 10 and also Chrome 60.0.3112.101

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i have tried so many type of things however can not resolve muted sound on some live streams , once i try to open from a bookmark ie and also firefox works 100%

would certainly a older version of chrome work-related in wn8.1?

mine still isnt working at all. my chrome doesnt show up and also namong the solutions worked

very same through me

George Johnkid I have actually the very same problem via my JBL clip 3

George Johnson Same!!!

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if you had actually an additional or tertiary computer display screen that played audio , and also you made it so that sound comes through that display, then you either carry out not have that display screen anymore or somepoint shifted about in the updays. go to “App volume and also gadget preferences” and also make certain all of your chrome is collection to screen you desire, and also not trying to play out of a machine that is no much longer hooked up to the computer slash shifted back to default through the last upday.

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my difficulty was that, if i opened up chrome on a web page through sound, it would certainly play fine, yet if i visited another page or reloaded that web page, the sound would certainly sheight playing. All other sound functioned fine in all various other browsers and also the computer system itself. only once i went from one tab to one more through sound, or loaded a web page via sound that the browder didn’t open up on, or checked out another web page, then the sound would certainly not play anymore, and i didn’t understand the problem. i’ve tried every little thing from clearing cookies caches, updating motorists, looking with chrome settings and also a bunch of various other junk that DID NOT WORK. if you have this exact same difficulty. this has been going on considering that february… once i moved and broke the adaptor to my old tv as a secondary display screen. didn’t know this was the trouble till now.

App volume and device choices, then look with the apps that proactively usage sound (system sounds need to be tright here for reference). Chrome appears and disappears in this list once it’s open up and also once sound is playing, so if it’s not tbelow, go to a web page you recognize will have actually sound (device sounds should be tbelow for reference) then application vol + tool pref, and also switch the Output selection to whatever before screen or audio device for whichever screen/speakers you want the sound to come from, and also that SHOULD deal with it.

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no promises. yet this is what resolved mine. and i know i gained it bereason the sound, that hadn’t been playing prior to, suddenly began playing fine the moment the audio for output was shifted to my default speakers.