Chrome middle click not working

But sometimes, clicking the middle mouse switch opens links in the existing tab instead of in a brand-new tab. It"s not random - I noticed it usually happens once I click on popup links - such as thumbnails or web links that open a photo in a popup home window (simply like here).

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I checked and this problem doesn"t exist in Firefox (14.0.1).My Google Chrome variation is 22.0.1229.94.

Why does that happen?Can I force the middle computer mouse switch click to always open links/imperiods in a brand-new tab?

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asked Nov 6 "12 at 13:47

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This happens bereason a so called lightbox manuscript is attached to the links. So if you"ve triggered javamanuscript execution (which is the default on famous browsers), the lightbox manuscript attaches to the images and also opens up them in a neat in-web page viewer. This manuscript appears to be programmed to react to the left and middle computer mouse buttons (which definitely is not great style).

There are a number of things you might try:

Disable javascript completely or for single pperiods (does not sound prefer an excellent solution nowadays).Use the best mouse button and also choose Open Link in New Tab.
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answered Nov 6 "12 at 14:16

Daniel CalliessDaniel Calliess
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No, you can not. This is bereason of the various procedure of middle click in between firefox and also chrome. You recognize that, browser should run code from the webpage(it"s so-called javascript) and of course from itself. the code in the webpage might firstly acquire the event of your middle click on chrome. firefox might open a new tab and also not pass the event to the webpage. It depends on implementation of internet browser. I think they are both best.

BTW, you deserve to constantly usage CTRL + click to open up a connect in new tab.

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answered Nov 6 "12 at 14:29

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I composed a Chrome (and also Firefox) add-on referred to as link-fixer to fix this. You have the right to install from the Chrome Web Store.

Restores constant ctrl+click, shift+click, cmd+click and middle-click behaviour once clicking web links.

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The default behaviour of ctrl+click, shift+click, cmd+click (on macOS) and also middle-click when clicking on links is to open the link in a brand-new tab or new window.

This behaviour is occasionally broken by caremuch less developers.

This add-on restores the default behaviour, ensuring the modifier secrets constantly cause web links to open in a brand-new tab.

Once installed, middle click and ctrl+click (as mentioned in various other answers) will work-related as you"d suppose throughout all sites.

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answered Mar 17 "19 at 22:44

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