Chrome continue where you left off not working

I"m utilizing the latest stable variation of Chrome Browser 83 on Windows 7 (Version 83.0.4103.61)

I"ve always made usage of the Chrome Browser establishing "proceed wbelow you left off" so that all my previously open up tabs re-open as soon as I start Chrome Browser.

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It"s freshly stopped re-opening all my previously open tabs after I rebegin Windows. Instead I now get a single empty Tab. To force Chrome to re-open all my previously open up Tabs I then need to T. But all my Tab Groups are shed each time!

This is what I"ve tried;1. Uninstalling and also re-installing Chrome Browser2. Creating a new Windows Profile

neither have actually resolved the difficulty.

I"d assumed probably Chrome 83 no longer supported Windows 7 but I view this isn"t the instance and Google are supporting Chrome use on Windows 7 till at least mid 2021.

Can anyone help, it seems such a little problem yet has actually a big impact on efficiency since I lose the Tab Groups from my last session.

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asked Jun 3 "20 at 11:30

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Solved. Disabled Chrome Cutting edge setting "Continue running background apps when chrome is closed".

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answered Jul 1 "20 at 9:19

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