Charger turns off when plugged into laptop

Hello! The laptop I am having actually issues through is a Dell Studio 1555 purchased new in 2009.

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A couple years earlier, the battery quit holding a charge, so I simply left the laptop plugged in all the time. This has actually never been an problem until now. Last night, the lappeak was perfectly sensible. Tonight, I come residence from occupational and it's dead. The charger has a blue ring that illuminates when it is plugged in. This light was off, so my immediate believed was that the charger died.

After some fiddling, I realized that unplugging the charger while it's disassociated from the laptop causes the blue ring to illuminate as normal. However before, once plugged back into the lapheight, the blue light automatically transforms off. The first couple times I did this, tbelow was a small pop noise from the laptoo, but it no longer makes that noise.

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What is going on, and also is there any method to salvage the laptop? I was looking to rearea the device quickly, yet I would have actually favored to backup the hard drive first.

Thank you so much!

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5 years ago
Is the battery still in the machine?

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Original Poster5 years ago

I experimented and took the battery out. It had actually no effect on the usability of the charger.

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However before, I WAS able to disaffix the power brick from the power cord. I plugged the brick right into the wall and also the cord into the computer, and also THEN linked them together and also got a functioning charger (no battery in system). I'm too scared to try turning the system off currently, and also I'd still like some understanding into what precisely is going on.

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