Changed resolution now black screen

Having screen problems? Recently readjusted your display resolution in Windows and also currently left through a blank or babsence display which you can’t adjust back? It’s annoying when this happens! It’s taken place to me plenty of times and I have to say that it’s rather damaging that Windows does not have actually a built-in device to detect whether or not a monitor have the right to assistance a specific resolution or refresh price.

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Anymethod, if you’re already in the situation and also all you watch is the BIOS loading, the Windows logo, and then the display just goes empty as soon as Windows starts to load, then tbelow are two basic means to obtain ago to your original settings.

Connect computer to a much more advanced monitor – One way to see whatever aobtain is to sindicate attach the computer to a monitor that can assistance a higher resolution. So if you have an old 15 inch monitor and it can’t display screen 1600×1200, attach the monitor to a newer display screen, log right into Windows and also adjust the screen settings ago to what is was initially.

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Start the computer in Safe Mode – The second way to obtain ago your original screen settings is to begin up in Safe Setting, which basically loads Windows in a stripped down state. Safe Setting tons up at a reduced resolution and therefore enables you to log in and also change the settings back.To begin up in Safe Mode, you ssuggest push and also host the F8 key when the computer starts to boot up. This is typically when you view the manufactures logo design and also the BIOS being loaded.

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Once you press F8, you’ll be presented via a set of alternatives as presented below:


When you click Apply, Windows will certainly change the display screen to what you decided, in which case the display will certainly go babsence or empty if it can’t assistance it. However before, this dialog will be up and if you don’t click anything, it will certainly revert ago to the original settings! So you won’t need to waste time going with Safe Mode, and so on, etc. Any inquiries, article a comment. Enjoy!