Change ownership of onenote notebook

We recently had an employee leave the company and we must have actually one of her Notebooks" ownership transferred. The Notebook is erected in Planner and has been mutual through multiple employees. We are unable to sync the notebook and get an error message that reads, "We"re sorry, something went wrong throughout sync. We"ll try aobtain later on. (Error code: 0xE40200A8). In addition, someone thought they were being valuable and also delete the original owner from the notebook.

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Hi Karin,

We have the right to view right here that you desire your employee"s Notebook ownership be moved. Because you discussed that tbelow is an worry with the synchronization, we indicate that you try opening the notebook in OneNote Online (OneKeep in This have the right to help identify if the trouble is led to by the server or by OneNote. Please follow the instructions below:

In OneKeep in mind, click File > Info.

Right-click the URL shown listed below the name of the impacted notebook, and also click Copy.

In your web browser, press Ctrl+V to paste the copied URL.

Press Go into to load the notebook in OneNote Online.

Regarding the transferring of ownership, please inspect if the measures listed below will certainly aid deal with the issue:

Sign up for a OneDrive account.Open the OneNote notebook that you wish to move. Click on the notebook tab. Right-click the notebook. Choose Properties. Click on Change Location.

Navigate to your OneDrive folder location.

Please obtain ago to us and let us know the outcome of the steps provided.

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Thank you.

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Sky Pei MSFT
Replied on May 19, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your reporting the behavior.

Please carry out the complying with indevelopment, so we deserve to involve the related team to look right into this:

1.Before you acquire the sync error (0xE40200A8), have you ever done some alters, such as upgrading your Office client?

2.Record a screenswarm of your OneKeep in mind version and Product indevelopment. For mac customers, please open up OneNote -> click OneNote on the top-> About OneKeep in mind. For Windows customers, open OneKeep in mind -> Data -> account.

3.The URLs of your affected notepublications.

I have actually sfinish you a personal message to collect the impacted notebook URL and the screenswarm. Please reply to it using this URL:

4.Genenally, we can resolve most sync concerns through the steps: cshed the influenced notebook in the OneKeep in mind client-> go to Online -> open up this notebook making use of OneKeep in mind client aget. If you do not obtain a warning like"you will lose some information" as soon as closing the notebook, please offer this technique a shot.

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For impacted customers to easily recognize the indevelopment here, this thcheck out will certainly be closed.We will update to the primary thread listed below. You can subscribe it for the latest updays.