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Nova Launcher is one of the most downloaded third-party home screens for Android. While its users love it, civilization that haven’t tried it yet wonder what provides this launcher so distinctive. Many world understand that you have the right to use Nova Launcher to produce your practice grid, but they are not rather sure what provides it different from others.

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Customized Grid

You ultimately have a chance to organize your grid the way you want. You gain to decide exactly how many kind of rows and also columns it will certainly have actually and also just how it will look favor.

Customized App Drawer

We have actually even more apps than ever before before. It is straightforward to get confused once you can’t find the application you require. With Nova Launcher, you have the right to organize your App Drawer so that you have the right to discover eexceptionally application in a 2nd.

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This app enables you to produce tabs and folders that will certainly help you organize your apps even more efficiently. Many kind of people prefer to divide their apps by categories, such as Fitness apps, Social Media apps, Productivity apps, etc.

Large Scrollable Dock

Nova Launcher permits you to store even more icons on the spacious scrollable dock so that you can access them quickly. It is feasible to have three peras on the dock and also as a lot as seven application symbols per web page. That is enough area to put every one of your favorite apps.

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Customize Folder Icons

Many type of individuals say that this is their favorite attribute. It permits you to express your imagination and also architecture your tradition folder symbols. You can adjust the background shade, and also you can likewise redesign them from the ground up if you want. Refresh Your Fonts

We hope that this short article was beneficial to you and also that you have uncovered the solution that you were looking for. With the help of various other attributes we explained, you’ll have the ability to improve your user experience also better.

What is your favorite attribute of Nova Launcher? Is there any kind of other trick that you would favor to share through other users? Feel cost-free to create in the comment section below.