Center text in ms paint

I am embedding some text right into some photos. I"m placing the message at the incredibly bottom of the photos. However, I"m not 100% sure if the text is perfectly center-justified.

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Is there a way to guarantee the text is fully and also correctly center-justified? If so, what is the procedure, please?

Thank you! Jack D.

You must put the message on a sepaprice layer than the background. I use this plugin. I think tbelow is an additional plugin that does the same point. You can center it horizontally, vertically, or dead facility of the canvas.





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The Object Align tool appears to occupational. Thank you.

Now...while we are on the subject of these plug-ins: I can"t obtain the Drop Shadow tool to work-related.

Granted, I could not be making use of it properly. I understand just how to develop drop shadow effects manually, yet it"s a pain in the neck.

I have not, as of this writing, found instructions that describe exactly how to usage the Drop Shadow tool.

Let me define how I"m using the tool. Maybe someone deserve to tell me what I"m doing wrong.

1. I click NEW and also produce a new home window.

2. I collection the Primary shade to Red, and also the Secondary color to Babsence.

3. Next, I choose the TEXT tool. I select the font for my message, and the dimension.

4. I form the message.

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5. I go right into Effects, Object, and also choose Drop Shadow.

6. I change the settings as I view fit, lightening up the shadow shade a little bit, so it"s grey and not dark babsence.

7. I click OK.

That"s all I do. I check out no drop shadow result on my text.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.


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Heat Stroke 2

Posted January 13, 2011

Heat Stroke

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Posted January 13, 2011

In, the usage of layers is necessary. produce a new layer and form your text on that brand-new layer. drop shadow should work-related as soon as you carry out that.


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We"re all wise men.

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jdanniel 0

Posted January 13, 2011


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Posted January 13, 2011

I"ll be damned. All I essential was one new layer. Sheesh. Thank you!

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How Do I Perfectly Center-Justify Text in a Photo?
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