Cant type in microsoft word


Situation 2: Can’t Type in All Cells

Sometimes you might find all table cells deny your accessibility to input. At the same time, when you put cursor in a cell, it display screen abusually, such as below:


There have the right to be 2 factors. The first one is that a resolved cell row elevation is appointed. And the other one is related to an overdimension message.

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Here are 2 methods to fix it accordingly.

Method 1: Clear the Specified Row Height

To start via, click the plus authorize on the upper-left corner of the table to select the whole table.Then ideal click and select “Table Properties”.
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Method 2: Recollection Font Size

Select the table initially.Then go to “Font” group and select a smaller font dimension.

Situation 3: No Word Visible as You Type

This have the right to be starray, for you can find your cursor in a cell but view no word once you form. Don’t be freak out! Someone may collection the font color as exact same as the background shade, such as white.

Also, this is simple to manage.

Similarly, choose the table.Next off, under “Home” tab, choose a new font shade that is different from the background one.

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Situation 4: Unable to Edit on the Whole Document

Under such a case, we summarize 2 causes.

Cause 1: In Read-just Mode

It’s not hard to understand also this component. When in Read-just mode, the entire record is prevented from modifying, let alone the table cells.


2 methods are at your purchase. First, you have the right to select to conserve the file as a brand-new one by click “File” and also “Save As”.

Here is the second one:

Find the file place first.Then right click it and select “Properties”.
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Cause 2: In Restrict Editing Protection

This is a comparable reason, and also you have the right to click “File” then click “Info” to see the record is in defense, simply as below:

Now you must click “Protect Document” in the backphase.Then click “Restrict Editing”.

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Go into Password ->Click "OK"" data-wpfc-original-src="" alt="Click "Speak Protection" ->Get in Password ->Click "OK"" width="225" height="562" data-wpfc-original-srcset=" 225w, 120w" sizes="(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px"/>

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