Cannot open service on computer

I construct one home window application and I likewise create one organization. I begin the service making use of coding in home window application, but I am gaining an error prefer cannot open up home window organization on computer "."

I have actually offered listed below code.

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ServiceController controller = brand-new ServiceController("SeoMozScheduleService");if (controller.Status == ServiceControllerStatus.Stopped) controller.Start();If i best click on Application and also click on Run as Administrator than it functions fine for me...



To make this automatic eextremely time you open the application you need to add a manifest file to your solution, then update the requestedExecutionLevel node inside the file to look prefer this:

However, changing this setting will result in the device prompting you every time to run the application as administrator if UAC is permitted.



Go toc://Program Files/ApplicationFolder/.exeRight click .exe and go to Properties then go Compcapability Tab and also examine true to Run this Program as an administrator Level.


None of these solutions aided me, because it would certainly assist if I actually had actually ensured I had actually Administrator access on the targain computer first! I was taking ameans and offering back Administrator access to my major account utilizing my domain admin account. When I ran some ServiceController code that was checking if a service was running on a remote computer, under the doprimary admin account, all was fine. When I did it as my main account, that"s when it didn"t job-related - even once running Visual Studio as an Administrator. Turns out I had actually been trial and error without my major account in the local Admin team... d"oh!

I ran into this via a reserved job on a server--checking the "Run via greatest privileges" fixed it. (The organization account hregarding have actually admin rights of course for this to occupational.)

Frameoccupational version change in the app.conf to the variation which is set up on the mechanism solved the issue for me.

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The application more than likely does not have to require Administrator permission. The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) (that consists of the Services snap-in) does not. The manifest for the MMC has:

It does not have actually level="requireAdministrator".

See c# - How carry out I create/modify a Manifest file? - Stack Overcirculation for instructions for adding a manifest to the task.

There are very many kind of posts around the principle of Leastern Privilege, consisting of the following.

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Cannot open Servicename business on computer '.'. Error on Starting Windows Service programatically utilizing c#
Windows, Start service System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot begin service on computer system '.' Access in Denied(Running as Admin)
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