Cannot find camera front-to-back switch option

Just now we have had a few users tell us that while they are on a video speak to the perkid they are talking to doesn't view the front dealing with video camera yet just the earlier, when the surchallenge user goes to settings>>gadgets in the electronic camera dropdown only one choice is available:

Composite tool undefined

Any concept what is going on?


I would certainly begin by making certain it's a Teams specific concern. Do other webcam utilizing apps on the Surconfront use the front electronic camera successfully? Windows / Driver updates?

On my Surface Pro 6, in my Teams settings under devices for cam. I deserve to select from Microsoft Front Camera or Microsoft Back Camera.

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Any updays on this issue? We are facing the very same problems, ... it work's fine in skype, but not in groups. So it appears to be a Teams certain worry.

unfortunately no, the just settle we have actually therefore much is to uninstall and reinstall groups, and also this has just temporarily resolved the issue

A short-term solution is to disable the rear camera driver, the electronic camera alternative in groups must instantly switch from "compowebsite tool undefined" to "Microsoft Front cam" or something of that sort, hope this helps, will update when a root killer fix is uncovered yet the above mentioned seems to work-related for currently. to note the ago video camera will no much longer work

Edit: If you have an older surchallenge and also under electronic camera in gadget manger it claims "Microsoft LifeCam Rear" you deserve to disable that driver to pressure teams to usage the front camera. If you have actually a more recent surconfront and under cam in tool manager it states "Intel AVStream Camera 2500" then you leave that driver energetic, go down to mechanism devices and also find "Microsoft Camera Rear" disable this driver and also it will certainly pressure teams to use the front cam.

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Not certain if it solves your worry - however I might just swap cameras by clicking the revolve (swap) switch, then turn the electronic camera off and also on. on the switch dvery own the bottom

I obtained your resolve appropriate tbelow (mind you the bug is recognized by MS, so this is just a workaround):

Deactivate the rear cam in the tool manager. This will force the front camera to show during meetings. You might not see your own cam though yet others will check out your challenge, as intended.

exact same thing, disabled rear cam works, yet it's not only that.

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Also you cannot simply disable electronic camera, or change background


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