Cannot find api-ms-win-core-com-l1-1-0.dll

I"ve compiled a reasonably basic Direct3D9 regimen in C++. However, whenever before I try to use the Debug runtime, this error pops up. According to all of the referrals I have actually found, this DLL is not noted to exist in Windows 7. At initially, I figured it was a trouble with my application. But I visited Windows Update and also set up all the latest updays.

Now I have various other applications which haven"t been touched favor Chrome which are reporting the same problem- the message box pops up often. I"ve reset up Visual Studio to no impact and also run all the latest Windows patches, which also have had actually no effect.

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Any suggestions?


api-ms-win-core* documents are virtual dlls provided by Windows7. This looks favor your program is running in compatability mode (e.g. compatabilitity for Windows XP) yet is actually compiled for Windows 7.

If this is a new application, attempt changing the output EXE file name to recollection the compatcapability state for the regimen.

If this is an application that you obtained from the Internet or a friend, uninstall it and then reinstall it.


i had actually the specific exact same concern, when starting a routine (Autodesk 3dmax ) after removing VS2011. I fixed it based upon the clue given in the connect. On my mechanism, I discovered I had actually d3d9.dll and d3d9d.dll in windowssystem and windowssyswow64. The date/time on d3d9d.dll was from 2011 and also so I deleted both duplicates of d3d9d.dll and also left the d3d9.dll alone (from 2010). That resolved the issue for me.


I have actually had actually the very same trouble via api-ms-win messages: I can not run any kind of routine on my computer system and also the just web browser that worked was google chrome.

I solved the problem once I uncovered on Google that Windows updays were responsible for this difficulty. At first I was unable to uninstall the latest updates, so I restored the mechanism to the last date before the upday (mainly defense updates)..

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From Action Center choose Restore Computer to an earlier time. After restoring your comp of course change settings of home windows update to hands-on.



When I installed Visual Studio 11 Preview it mounted d3d9d.dll of Windows 8 SDK additionally in C:WindowsSysWOW64 folder.

Even if you uninstall / reinstall the DirectX SDK (June 2010) it will certainly not override this variation of d3d9d.dll because it is more current than one in the DirectX June 2010 SDK...

So, I manually rearea it by one set up in C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)Developer Runtimex86 and currently I have the right to run and also debug my D3D9 game when I activate debug D3D9 runtime from DirectX Control Panel...

Considering this is an essential looking file, tried sfc /scannow to confirm that mechanism papers are all in place?

This indicates they are compatibilty related papers and carry out exist

The just solution I discovered was ssuggest to reinstall Windows and never, ever, go near VS11 and also install the DX SDK before VS10. Now every little thing is functioning correctly.

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