Cannot extend partition windows 10

Are you having this error that the Extend Volume greyed out while trying to rise C drive or other partition room on Windows 10? On this web page, we"ll comment on why is the Extend Volume Option greyed out and exactly how to solve the "can"t extend volume" error on Windows 10/8/7, and also Windows Server computers.

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Check out and discover the ideal options to permit extend volume in all your difficult drive partitions now:

Can"t Extfinish Partition, Extfinish Volume Grayed Out

"Hi tright here, perform you recognize just how to settle the difficulty that Exhas a tendency Volume choice is greyed out in Disk Management? I planned to expand my mechanism C drive to speed up the computer system through Windows 10. I opened the Disk Management tool, deleted an extended partition to leave unalsituated space so to extend C drive? 

But it will not permit me to do so. Why? The Extfinish Volume alternative is greyed out, and also just how have the right to I settle this issue?"


Are you having actually the very same problem on your COMPUTER that the Disk Management tool will not allow you to extend volume? Relax! Reading this tutorial, you will recognize why is Extfinish Volume grayed out. Besides, reliable solutions are available ideal right here to assist you allow extfinish volume so regarding extfinish partitions in Windows 10/8/7 for cost-free now. How? Let"s see.

Prior note: It"s difficult to extend or add partition space via totally free space on a second standard disk. Therefore, please make sure that the complimentary area or unallocated area and also the volume which you desire to extfinish are on the very same disk. 

Why Is Extend Volume Grayed Out

If you can not extfinish volume, favor cannot extend volume in C drive, do not concern. Open Windows Disk Management, inspect the state of your disk partition, and also the noted reasons below. You"ll uncover why is the Extfinish Volume alternative greyed out on your computer:

Tbelow is no unalsituated space on your difficult drive.Tright here is no contiguous unallocated space or totally free space behind the partition you desire to extfinish. Windows can not extend is a FAT or other format partition.

The Extend Volume option in Disk Management only works to a RAW or NTFS partition. You can not extend FAT or other format partition on Windows PC.

Windows can not extfinish a primary partition through unalsituated room in an extensive partition, or vice versa.The partition capacity as reached the 2TB limit on MBR disk.

Now that we know why is Extfinish Volume grayed out, so just how to permit extend volume or rise partition under these circumstances? Here, we"ve picked up * trusted techniques for you to try and also apply to extfinish partition for complimentary. 

Your Most Reliable Tool for Extending Volume

As we"ve discussed above, among the reasons why you can"t extfinish volume, Windows limitation is the major reason. Windows disk management cannot extfinish a specific partition in instances. 

In order to aid you out of the "Extfinish Volume Greyed Out" error and also successfully increase partition dimension, we"d favor to recommend you attempt a reliable tool for extfinishing volume - Partition Master.

It"s Resize/Move and also Alfind Gap feature will successfully deal with all the concerns, helping you effectively extfinish volume on Windows 10/8/7:

If some of you still prefer to usage Disk Management to resolve this error, you might attempt Method 1 to allow Extend Volume and rise partition room currently.

Method 1. Fix Can"t Extend Volume Error without Unallocated Space

When your tough drive does not have unallocated space, you can not extend a volume. You can either use Disk Management or use partition manager for assist.

You have the right to follow either means to enlarge your taracquire partition on Windows 10/8/7 currently.

#1. Make Unalsituated Gap and also Extend Volume in Disk Management

Keep in mind that if you can not extend C drive area, you can likewise allow Extend Volume in C drive with the very same actions below: 

Step 1. Make Free or Unalsituated Space behind Targain Volume 

If you do not have actually free space or unallocated area on the computer drive, you should first delete an empty or useless partition, or shrink a partition to leave free/unallocated space beside the taracquire volume.

1.Press Windows + X secrets, click "Disk Management".2.Right-click an empty partition alongside the target volume, select "Delete Volume". Click "OK".


3. You have the right to additionally right-click a neighbor partition that has actually sufficient complimentary area, select "Shrink volume".4. Specify the amount of space to shrink, click "Shrink" and also "OK" to confirm.


You are currently great to go and also follow the measures below to enbig a hard drive partition without the "can"t extend volume" error any type of longer.

Step 2. Enable Extend Volume, Increase Partition Size

1. In Disk Management, right-click the target partition that you desire to extfinish.2.

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Select "Extfinish Volume" and readjust the dimension that you desire to add to the tarobtain volume.3.;Click "OK" to confirm.


#2. Fix Can"t Extend Volume with No Unallocated Space through Partition Master Partition Master with its Alsituate Space feature permits you to flexibly relocate complimentary area from other partitions to extfinish a targain volume without shrinking or deleting any kind of volumes.

The a lot of vital point is that no data loss will certainly happen. Let"s see how to extend a volume even once tright here is no unallocated room on the drive:

Step 1. Locate the Targain Partition

To start extending partition, you should first launch Partition Master and find the targain partition which you would choose to extfinish.

Step 2. Extfinish the Taracquire Partition

1. Right-click on the target partition which you would certainly favor to extend and pick "Resize/Move".

2. Drag the partition panel rightward or leftward to add unalsituated area into your existing partition and also click "OK" to confirm.


3. If there is no or not enough unalsituated area on your disk, use the progressed partition resizing attribute to directly alfind free area from various other partitions to the tarobtain drive without deleting or formatting.

Find the "Alsituate XX area from" alternative, then click "Select partition". Choose the partition from which you want to alsituate area. Drag the partition panel rightward or leftward to resize the partition you want to extfinish. Then click "OK" to confirm.


Step 3. Execute Operations to Extend Partition

Click the "Execute Operation" switch and click "Apply" to store all the transforms. 


Note that this attribute is just easily accessible in Partition Master Pro Edition.

If tright here is no unalsituated room however you desire to extend volume for complimentary on your disk, you"ll need to shrink partitions to make unalsituated space, and also then expand also the partition using Partition Master Free. 

Method 2. Fix Can"t Extend Volume Error via No Adjacent Unalsituated Space

If you have actually unallocated area on your disk however it"s not next to your taracquire volume, the Extend Volume alternative will display screen as greyed out in Disk Management. You have the right to use Partition Master to extend partition via its Resize/Move feature:

Now, cost-free downfill and install Partition Master on your PC. Then follow the listed below procedures to fix the can"t extfinish volume trouble.

Steps to Extfinish Volume through Partition Master:

Step 1. Locate the Target Partition

To start extending partition, you must first launch Partition Master and also locate the tarobtain partition which you would certainly prefer to extfinish.

Tip 2. Extfinish the Taracquire Partition

1. Right-click on the taracquire partition which you would favor to extend and also select "Resize/Move".

2. Drag the partition panel rightward or leftward to include unalsituated space into your existing partition and click "OK" to confirm.

3. If tbelow is no or not enough unallocated space on your disk, usage the progressed partition resizing function to straight alfind cost-free space from various other partitions to the tarobtain drive without deleting or formatting.

Find the "Allocate XX area from" alternative, then click "Select partition". Choose the partition from which you want to allocate area. Drag the partition panel rightward or leftward to redimension the partition you desire to extend. Then click "OK" to confirm.

Step 3. Execute Operations to Extend Partition

Click the "Execute Operation" switch and also click "Apply" to keep all the transforms. 

This software program likewise supports you to free extend or increase partition dimension and fixes New Simple Volume Greyed Out the problem through ease. 

Method 3. Fix Extfinish Volume Greyed Out on FAT or Other Format Partition

Due to the Windows limitation, you can not straight usage Disk Management to extend FAT, exFAT, EXT partitions. Here you have 2 choices o fix this error:

#1. Extfinish FAT or Other Layout Partition Using Partition Master Partition Master breaks the limit in Windows COMPUTER, and also you deserve to directly follow measures in Method 1 or Method 2 to extfinish your target partition with ease.

To convert FAT partition to NTFS, you"ll need to format or delete the partition, which will certainly cause file loss. As such, we do not recommfinish you try this method. It"s time-consuming and also risky.

Method 4. Fix Can"t Extend Primary Volume via Gap on Extended Partition or Vice Versa

Windows also does not permit you to extfinish a major partition through unalsituated space in an extensive partition, so it is to extfinish a logical partition through room in a main partition. 

Therefore, to settle this problem and also extend a volume, you"ll have to turn to third-party partition manager software application for help. Partition Master deserve to help. 

Video Tutorial: Extend and also Partition Hard Drive

The complying with video tutorial reflects just how to partition a hard drive on Windows 10 and you have the right to learn exactly how to extend volume in this video:

Method 5. Fix Extfinish Volume Option Greyed Out in MBR 2TB Partition

This is a rare instance yet happens sometimes on an MBR partition. If you develop a solitary volume that reaches 2TB capacity, you can"t continue extfinishing the partition. Then the Extend Volume Option will certainly grey out.

In this case, you can convert the MBR disk to GPT disk to break the limit. We don"t suggest you use Disk Management to execute the procedure as it needs deleting all partitions to convert a disk. Partition Master through its disk conversion attribute will certainly carry out the work. You might refer to Convert MBR to GPT for assist.

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On this web page, we available 6 dependable methods to help you fix the "Extend Volume greyed out" error and extfinish partitions effectively no matter whether you have free or unallocated room on your computer tough drive.

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If you choose a trusted & cost-free tool to extend partition, Partition Master Free Edition is even more reputable. As it doesn"t need deleting partition also if you don"t have unalsituated area. Also, no data loss will certainly take place by extending volume using this free partition tool.