Cannot connect: invalid settings.

At, we deal with phpMyAdmin errors as a part of our Server Management Services.

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Today, let’s see just how our Support Engineers fix this error.

When does phpMyAdmin show invalid settings?

Database monitoring becomes handy through GUI tools. phpMyAdmin is one such tool for MySQL or MariaDB database servers.

But, accessing the phpMyAdmin frequently deserve to end up in errors. One such error message is ‘cannot connect: invalid settings’. And the typical error message in the GUI appears as,


So why does it reflects this error?

The reason is pretty straightforward, some missing configuration. But, finding the lacking settings makes this tricky.

When a user enters the login details, phpMyAdmin verifies it through the existing details. If it doesn’t uncover the exact complement, the session ends with an error message. So, let’s watch what are those lacking details.

Fix for the error: cannot connect invalid settings

Whenever before customers method us with this error, we examine the configuration file. Our Experts in Server Administration deal with this file to deal with the error.

The configuration file of phpMyAdmin is

Checking crucial config settings

The error message asks us to check the organize, username, and also password. So, our Support Engineers examine these entries in the config file.

Sometimes, the error shows up while accessing the phpMyAdmin in the internet browser. This suggests an imappropriate setup of the auth_type. For instance, take into consideration the below situations.

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For HTTP Authentication box.

$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"auth_type"> = "http";

To login on the phpMyAdmin homepage.

$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"auth_type"> = "cookie";

To verify with username and also password from the config file.

$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"auth_type"> = "config";

In the auth_form, config, the have to have actually the correct login details.

$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"user"> = "root";

$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"password"> = "";

$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"controluser"> = "root";

$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"controlpass"> = "";

Mostly, this resolves the error.

Updating tradition changes

Similarly, it might be essential to upday tradition transforms in the config file. Some customers readjust the port or usage remote IPs. But execute not upday this in the config file.

In these situations, the configuration miscomplement ends up in error. So, our Support Engineers always ensure to update tradition changes to the config file.

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Some individuals permit the no password alternative in the server. Then the phpMyAdmin does not ask for confirmation. But our professionals perform not recommend this. Due to the fact that it offers database access to everyone. So we constantly recommfinish to store the parameter value as,

$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"AllowNoPassword"> = false;


In short, phpMyAdmin cannot affix invalid settings suggests a poor configuration setup. Here the user repursuit doesn’t enhance via the currently configured details. Today, we witnessed just how our Support Engineers resolve this error.