Cannot add to favorites in internet explorer 11

I"m unable to include favorites to my IE 11. I have tried all troubleshooting yet seems not to be functioning. I"m acquiring this error:

Unable to create "favorite"s shortreduced name" Access is denied.

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Try this first:

Press Windows key + XSelect “Command Prompt (Admin) alternative.Type cd and hit Go into.Type cd users”the user name in which you have logged in” and hit Enter.Type ATTRIB favorites –r and also hit Go into.Now Read just attribute for Favorites folder need to be rerelocated.Close the Command also Prompt, then Open Web Explorer and then inspect if you are able to add Favorites.

If that doesn"t work-related, try these next:

Follow steps 1-3 above.Type CD %userprofile% and push Go into.Type icacls Favorites /setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)low and push Enter.

After the very same endmuch less frustration and what appeared choose a life time of Google, I uncovered this easy answer, and also at least for me, it works favor a charm. Just clear your cookies and also caches.

The below procedure uses to my system: IE 11, Windows 8.1. Some variation of it need to occupational for yours, if different.

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Open the little bit gear symbol at the exceptionally peak right of your display. Left click Safety choice, then left click Delete Browsing History.Make sure just the initially 2 boxes are checked, the Temporary Web Files and also Website Files, and Cookies and Webwebsite Data. Go to bottom of the dialogue box, left click Delete.

You don"t have to wait for full delete procedure before trying again, offer it around 20 secs and you"re good to go. Hope this helps, it was a lifesaver for me.



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