Can you plug in a sata drive while computer is running

I have actually a SATA difficult drive that says it supports hot-plugging. Does that intend I can actually connect it to power and also a SATA plug while my computer system is running? Would be handy, yet seems type of scary...

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Hardware details:

Motherboard: Gigabyte, GA-MA790X-UD3PHard drive: Western Digital, WD10EADS-00L5B1

Or can have actually been a different hard drive I review was hotpluggable... either method I"m more curious about the concept of it all quite than my certain case :p


As lengthy as its not the OS drive you must be fine, given that SATA is "hotswappable" though i have skilled corruptions of the FS as soon as or twice. So i try to avoid it.


Open your run box, then kind regmodify and press Get in.

Go to the complying with key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/services/Find "msahci", click on it and on the right pane, right click the "start" property.

Change the worth to "0".

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Rebegin your computer system (important)! Now you have the right to "safely remove" your SATA inner difficult drive choose you perform through external tough drives.



I just did it through a 2 TB SATA 6GB/s hard drive. I am going to try my 3 TB hard drive as quickly as I"m done relocating information. Just do not foracquire to initialize in the Disk Mangement window for Windows, then format to NTFS.

Note: I did not warm swap my OS drive as I see that as a bad idea


Yes you deserve to execute that.In order to perform this, we require allow the hot plug capcapacity in BIOS settings. If it is permitted, then we have the right to include second HDD to computer system while running. System will certainly install the vehicle drivers instantly and the HDD would certainly be ready for use favor a USB drive.

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