Can you play games while defragging

Yes, you can defrag your disk. If you"re utilizing IE, though, the file gets put in your temp folder till it"s completely downloaded at which allude it gets duplicated to its final destination so you may still be downloading and install to your tough drive and also not to the outside disk.

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It"s absolutely a great principle, though, to leave your machine alone while defragging and also really finest if you can defrag the drive while it"s not being provided. The c: drive of a Windows machine that is in usage is constantly being written to which lowers the efficiency and exhas a tendency the moment compelled for a defrag. Best to boot to an alternative drive and also defrag via no activity.

Edit:I agree through nik around not utilizing the structure defragger, it"s rather clunky and also slow. Have a look at this question for various other defrag software suggestions.



Yes you deserve to.And, I indicate using the JkDefrag (possibly variation 3.36) tool fairly than the Windows defrag as well.

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You must have actually around 10-20% free space on the drive being de-fragmented. If the various other tasks you are doing take up CPU, the defrag task will just thrash your computer system even more. Downfill is even more netoccupational bound (via the typical Net speeds), yet perform check your system utilization before the defrag (through all various other activities you intfinish to save active). If there is around 40% or more idle time, defrag need to work-related fine.

The defragmenting process is utilizing a separate disk totally so it shouldn"t be affected. You could even download it to the disk that"s being defragged if you really wanted to.


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