Can t use trackpad and keyboard at the same time

On an various other lapheight I deserve to simply sindicate disable delay while keying in the Windows 10 settings and also palm tracking in the Synaptics settings to make my touchpad occupational while keying, however there's no button to access these settings on my lapoptimal, also tunstable some features such as the computer mouse proceeding to move once I reach the edge of the touchpad are still permitted.

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I tried transforming all keys beginning with Palmkms in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESynapticsDefault to 0 and also restarting. That renders my touchpad work for 1 second while holding a key, yet after that it simply disables.

How can I gain my touchpad to occupational once I'm holding dvery own a key?

Screenswarm of Synaptics settings As you deserve to check out, tbelow is no button to open the Synaptics settings.

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4 years ago
Try: 1. Control Panel 2. Hardware and sound 3. Mouse (mine was under tools and printers) 4. Click on synaptics Clickpad (or whatevers in the white box) 5. Go to settings listed below and to the appropriate of the white box 6. Go to the advanced tab 7. Turn down palm tracking to minimum

Or go to settings, gadgets, computer mouse and touchpad, touchpad and click always on.

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Initial Poster4 years ago

Tright here is no settings button for me.

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I already collection it to constantly on, however it doesn't job-related.

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