Can rar files have viruses

I have actually my Thunderbird set to auto downfill all email attachments, however upon runnning a Virus shave the right to I am seeing many kind of .exe, .zip and also .rar documents flag up as Virsupplies - Which I then tell my AV to delete.

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As these .exe, .zip and .rar papers have actually just been downloaded to my HD, can they do any type of damage simply sitting their?

To my understanding I need to atleast execute them (.exe)or uncompush and also double click(.zip, .rar), yet maybe I am wrong.

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asked May 2 "15 at 13:11

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Firstly I would certainly choose to define distinctions between Virprovides, Trojans and also Malware.

Malware - is the brief develop of Malicious Software. It is basically a software program composed to cause damages or infiltrate computer devices without the owner indeveloped consent. It is basic term offered to recurrent miscellaneous forms of intrusive, hostile and also annoying code.

Virus - is a software that copies itself and spreads without permission or knowledge of the owner. Virprovides do not spcheck out using exploiting vulnerabilities (the ones that perform that are called Worms). The just means virprovides are intended to spreview is through the hold - at least in their rigorous classification. Let say that a virus has infected a document, now if the owner moves the file to any kind of device, the virus has thus chance to spreview and also make it through.

Virprovides can be classified right into the following sub-categories:

Resident type: which one executed becomes memory resident(and waitsfor some triggers such loading of various other program). It the infectsvarious other programs and also so on.No resident type: as soon as a virus is executed, it will certainly search for records it can infect.Then after infecting them, it will quit. When the infected program is run aget, it will aget uncover new targets and also so on. Boot sector, which spreads via boot sector and also Multi partite form through a number of kinds of infection mechanisms.

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Trojan - is a type of malware that shows up to the user to percreate a function but in fact facilitates unauthorized access to the system. Additionally, they are fairly different from virsupplies. They are not self replicating unchoose virprovides.

So in general a virus cannot execute itself, unmuch less it has actually the teamwork of the operating device or software application bugs or the user treatment.

If the operating mechanism enables files to be executed immediately because of their name or location (for example an e-mail attachment) then a virus have the right to masquerade as a legitimate file and also be executed by the operating system without the user authorization. This provided to be the default behaviour in early email clients.

Also, if the operating device is not patched or particular software program has actually errors that a virus can manipulate to run its code, then a virus can begin itself.

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So to answer your question: Yes you can infect your machine by downloading and install and also storing malware on your difficult drive without executing.